Assistant Director - Camp Livingstone, Stanstead, QC

Assistant Director - Camp Livingstone, Stanstead, QC (Posted: 11/21/2018; Closing when filled)

Role of the Assistant Director
The Assistant Director reports to the Executive Director and assists in affairs pertaining to the
operations of Camp Livingstone . The role is to facilitate the management and operation of the
ministries carried out.

Objectives and responsibilities will be oriented toward the present needs of the ministry. They will be
set on an annual basis and adjusted from time to time as the needs present themselves. The assistant
will have direct supervisory authority over staff as delegated by the Executive Director.

Tasks will include but are not limited to:
● Manage and oversee summer camp operations, including hiring, managing and supervising
summer missionaries Follow-up with summer camp missionaries (Include reunion)
● Manage and oversee off-season ministry opportunities and the Follow-up & Discipleship
● Manage and oversee School Group program
● Manage and oversee Leadership in Training
● Manage and oversee Summer missionary training and other program training
● Draft a monthly report for the Executive Director
● Have regular meetings with the team on site for prayer and discussion, as well as contribute
openly in the decision making and planning process
● And other duties the Executive Director sees reasonable

This person must:
● Be a believer according to our statement of faith, and willingly abide by One Hope Canada
Policies as well as Camp Livingstone manuals.
● Be organized and computer literate.
● Demonstrate superior administration and management skills
● Foster positive partner, client and supplier relations in all activities and with all responsibilities
entrusted to him/her.
● Be a good communicator and strive to maintain good relations as a member of the body of Christ
with all the staff (We serve each other Ephesians 4:1-8)
● Be teachable and willing to teach others
● Act honestly, with loyalty, toward the camp in active support of those on the mission team.
● Be flexible to changing priorities, responsibilities, and methods of ministry.
● Understand and live out the mission of the ministry in regards to youth, teens and families
● Strive to give campers, clients and all who support and do business with the camp an amazing
customer experience by showing Jesus and his love.

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