Associate Director - Willow Springs Camp, Stouffville, ON

Associate Director - Willow Springs Camp, Stouffville, ON (Posted: 2/20/2019; Closing when filled)

Role Title: Associate Director 
Reports To: Camp Director
Positions Supervised: Summer programming missionaries at Willow Springs Camp

Overview of Role
One Hope Canada is considered a Religious Order under the provisions of the Canada Revenue Agency and as such, missionary employment with One Hope Canada is seen as following God’s unique invitation. Members, and those aspiring to be members, must be in agreement with standards of spiritual and personal suitability, and are therefore required to sign a Statement of Affirmation annually.

Empowered by the Director, the Associate Director, with the tools and resources provided, is entrusted with fulfilling the purpose of One Hope Canada both personally and within their camp, and is responsible for all programming aspects of the camp.

Primary Objectives 
To present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ, and especially to children and youth, and to disciple believers for living and serving through His church
To accomplish the primary objective through camping ministry, by effectively planning programs and other activities related to Willow Springs Camp. 

Key Responsibilities
Ensure the Gospel is a part of all aspects of camp and other ministries
Hire, train and oversee all summer missionaries, chapel speakers, and volunteers
Monitor summer missionaries and speakers to ensure the Gospel is shared effectively and appropriately for the age group
Monitor activities to ensure safety procedures are followed
Promote the camp within the local church and community
Be able to manage a crisis if it arises and follow appropriate procedures 
Ensure the confidentiality of private information of missionaries, volunteers, summer missionaries, campers, etc. will remain confidential as per the One Hope Canada Privacy Policy.

1. Organizational and Human Resource Leadership
Hire, train, direct and oversee all seasonal and summer missionaries, and volunteers and act as the primary liaison between the full­time leadership team and the seasonal/summer staff.
Provide spiritual leadership (one-­on-­one time, prayer, Bible study, feedback, encouragement, etc.) to seasonal mission team and volunteers.
Monitor and implement reviews of all seasonal staff and summer camp speakers to ensure the Gospel is shared effectively and appropriately for the age group.
Establish & nurture a positive camp culture for all missionaries, volunteers, and guests.
Develop, implement and oversee regular follow­up with all seasonal and summer missionaries.
Assist in the development and maintenance of a vibrant year round donor and volunteer program.
Implement mission and vision goals as set by the Board. Together with the Director, track progress of goal achievement.
Together with the leadership team, implement a comprehensive Risk Management Plan for camp. The Associate Director will be responsible for the training of all summer missionaries and volunteers on Child Safety and Protection using the One Hope Canada “In Safe Hands” curriculum.
2. Ministry Oversight
Establish annual program goals in consultation with the Director ensuring the Gospel is a part of all aspects of camp and other ministries.
Implement existing programs consistent with WSC’s mission and vision as established by the Director and Willow Springs Camp Board.
Together with the Director, monitor camper attendance and participation levels on a weekly and seasonal basis and develop strategies for reaching and exceeding targets.
Evaluate and implement necessary changes to ensure the desired quality for ministry programs is met or exceeded.
Develop new program/ministry opportunities in conjunction with the Board and Director and implement as established.
3. Communication, Marketing & Promotion
Assist in the promotion of WSC programs by participating in public events such as churches, community events, camp fairs, schools, etc.
Assist in the implementation of a strategy of expressing gratitude to all camp ministry partners and contributors.
Monitor Guest satisfaction.
Visit and/or speak at local churches.
Assist and give input into the production of camp newsletter and other publications.
4. Financial & Administration Oversight
Oversee and implement adherence to the operating budget for the seasonal camp ministry programs.
Give input to the Director as to financial needs for the programming needs of the ministry.
Look for cost saving oportunities
5. Fundraising & Donor Development
Build and sustain a personal support team. There is an expectation of raising personal financial support for this position.
Participate in the development of WSC’s Master Plan.
Meet targets established by the Board for Operations, Sponsorships, and the Summer Mission Team funding by implementing various fundraising activities.
Together with the Director, develop and build relationships with key donors, volunteers and suppliers (lunches, meetings, phone calls, cards, etc.).
Assist Summer Missionaries and Volunteers in fundraising efforts through training, encouragement, endorsement letters, scheduled deputation, etc.
Maintain a culture of gratefulness (including Thank You notes).
6. Off­season Ministry Oversight
Assist in ensuring compliance with current government regulations and health standards.
Together with the Director, develop and implement the Camp’s off­season programs and activities.
7. Facility Oversight
Provide feedback and encouragement to the Site Manager regarding facility goals and expectations, and assist as necessary in the general maintenance of camp facilities.
Assist in the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities so that the desired quality of camp is met and exceeded.
Assist in the hosting and implementation of all camp facility rentals as per WSC established guidelines.
Assist in ensuring a safe environment for all staff and volunteers in accordance with workplace safety standards.
8. Other Responsibilities:
Promote the camp's programs by developing material, and creating and responding to opportunities to present Willow Springs Camp publicly, so the facility may operate at capacity
Organize the staff hiring process
Provide spiritual oversight of the camp and its follow-up programs to campers and staff
Assure the physical, social, and emotional development of the campers and staff so that each may become all that Jesus Christ would have him or her to be
Assure the safety of the campers and staff at all times
Organize and operate Summer Missionary Training weeks
Supervise summer missionaries, provide feedback, give suggestions for improvement, generally working to assist staff however needed to ensure a successful summer
Conduct mid-summer, end of summer reviews, review data, respond and initiate change where necessary
Assist with skills as needed
Lead pre-week and post week meetings during the summer with the summer missionaries.
Encourage summer missionaries in their relationship with God through personal meetings and staff devotional time
Promotion and development of off-season activities and follow-up, and other duties as needed
Update staff manual, applications, and other forms
Mentoring and modeling of Christian values
Assist with fall, and spring rentals, camp events and maintenance 
Promote and lead the annual Jamaica Missions Trip
Constantly make Willow Springs Camp better, especially year to year

Core Competencies
Passion for the Gospel
Planning and Organizing
Good Judgement

Job Requirements
Follower of Christ
In good standing with an Evangelical Church
Called to this ministry
Be able to subscribe, without reservation, to the One Hope Canada doctrinal statement, as well as to the principles and practices of the Mission

Education and Experience
Post-secondary education in a related field is an asset
Experience with camping ministry is an asset


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