Boys Counselor - Frontier Trails Camp, Eganville, ON

Boys Counselor - Frontier Trails Camp, Eganville, ON (Posted: 1/12/2019; Closing: 6/15/2019)

Frontier Trails Camp: Counselor/Instructor
Position Title: Boys or Girls Counselor/Instructor (Seasonal/Full Time)
Position Purpose: Counselors are responsible for their dorm of campers providing a safe, healthy, spiritual environment, leading some activities, and participating in caring for Frontier Trails Camp and its facilities. 
Position Relationship: Report to Program Director(PD), Camp Directors
Principle Accountabilities: Providing Care, supervision, organization and leadership of cabin group of children ages 6-10 & 11-16 
• Belief in and support the mission of Frontier Trails Camp(required)
• Lead your cabin group in Morning Get Start and evening Bedtime Story devotion.
• Assume other responsibilities when required and as assigned
• Prepare and lead an activity as assigned
• Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested
• Supervise your cabin group at meal times, rest time, rising, bedtime and cabin time. 
• Be available as needed for evening patrol
• Carefully watch the health of your campers and report any irregularities
• Take appropriate action in the event of an emergency
• Maintain your dorm or cabin building and surrounding area in a clean, safe, and healthy manner
• Care for the needs of each camper at all times and work towards building unity in the group
• Spend time with your campers; be involved; seize teachable moments
• Work with your PD in planning and participate in the evening program
• Work to build staff unity, be sensitive and supportive of other staff members and loyal to camp policies 
• Complete Follow Up reports, birthday cards and Activity records as required, promptly and accurately
• Fill out a personal / spiritual staff evaluation at the end of the week; go over it with your PD
• Use your time off wisely – get your rest
• Obey all camp rules
• Be patient, enthusiastic, hard-working and caring
• Be willing to perform tasks other than those assigned, if requested
Pre-requisites: Candidate will be enthusiastic, energetic team player who enjoys working with children and youth.
Completed Gr 12 or in post-secondary.
Experience in working with children and youth an asset.
First Aid & CPR - Police Check

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