Cabin Leader, ConnectK2C - Joy Bible Camp, Bancroft, ON

Cabin Leader, ConnectK2C - Joy Bible Camp, Bancroft, ON (Posted: 5/8/2019; Closing: 8/1/2019)

Date: August 17-24, 2019

ConnectKids2Camp is a JOY run week designed to help connect kids to camp. This includes shaping the program
and teaching for a large group who are unfamiliar with the Christian faith and the camp experience

Reports to: Director

Positions directly supervised:
You will not be supervising other staff, rather you will be responsible for the supervision of youth in your care during camp sessions.

Major responsibilities be they supervision/planning or everyday duties to be fulfilled:
-Direct and personal observation of the youth assigned to your supervision, 
-Assisting campers to participate as fully as possible in activities, programs, meals, etc. 
-To provide a safe and healthy environment, physically, socially, and spiritually.
-To advise your supervisor if you believe a safe and healthy situation is in jeopardy whether physical, social or spiritual.
-To seek opportunities to draw campers into a deeper, authentic relationship with Christ.
-To encourage neatness, promptness and cleanliness 
-To encourage relationships that are respectful, up building, and joyful. 

Working Conditions:
You will be supported by program staff, health services, and supervisory assistance.
You will be given the opportunity to relax with other staff, free from your duties, as time and circumstances permit. Curfew and restrictions on leaving the campsite etc. will be assessed.

Remediation process:
If a conflict relating to operational matters, attitude and/or conduct should arise, every staff person must approach their immediate supervisor with the concern. If not settled at this first stage it will proceed through succeeding levels of responsibility until resolved. The final determination, if not reached earlier, will be the sole responsibility of the Executive Director.

Specific measurable personal goals for current year 
In a spirit of servant leadership and humility I commit to the following:
I will honour and support those who lead me,
I will honour and support those who are working alongside me and
I will honour and support all whom I have been called to lead
In a spirit of servant leadership and humility, I commit to approaching people (within my sphere at JOY), if I may have caused conflict, undue concern or personal hurt. My desire is to address and attempt to heal any conflicts arising through my failure to do all I could to abide by JOY’s policies and to honour those noted previously. Matters not addressed will indicate a failure to achieve my personal goal during my commitment with JOY.