Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager - Hope Valley Day Camp, Selwyn, ON (Posted: 6/18/18; Closing: When filled)

Hope Valley Day Camp is a summer day camp located between Lakefield and Peterborough. We provide a summer camp experience to any child regardless of finance. Successful Maintenance Manager skills will include:

  • planning and organization
  • some technical know-how with vehicles and building upkeep
  • hands-on work
  • an eye for maintenance standards
  • ability to work unsupervised
  • strong people skills
  • willing to mentor youth and work with volunteers

This is a volunteer position that requires a year round commitment to the camp. A successful candidate would be able to find their own financial support while Hope Valley provides year-round housing as well as meals during the summer months. There would be opportunity to seek outside employment during the winter months.If interested or for further information please contact: