Ministry Director - Camp des Iles, Lachute, QC

Ministry Director - Camp des Iles, Lachute, QC (Posted: 1/26/2019; Closing when filled)

Overview of role: One Hope Canada is considered a Religious Order under the provisions of the Canada Revenue Agency. As such, missionary employment with One Hope Canada is seen as following God's unique invitation. Members, and those aspiring to be members, must be in agreement with standards of spiritual and personal suitability, and are therefore required to sign a Statement of Affirmation annually.

It is essential that the Director be fluent in French and English. Under the general supervision of the Quebec Field Director and with the guidance of the Camp des Iles Ministry Board, the Ministry Director is responsible for the overall ministry and operation of Camp des lles (CDI). The Director will lead, operate and oversee Camp des lles in providing programs that present the Gospel. Of first importance are the ongoing stability of the camp, safety of all persons and property, and the operation of the facility in compliance with provincial standards, and those set by One Hope Canada and the camp board of Directors. The Ministry Director will lead the staff team as they minister to children, young people and adults. All responsibilities are to be carried out in a manner that brings glory to Jesus Christ and fulfills the mission statement of One Hope Canada.

"To present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ and especially to children and youth, and to disciple believers for living and serving through His church."

Main responsibilities:


- Lead and oversee the overall operation of Camp des lles

Evaluate the spiritual growth and leadership of the camp's ministry

Lead, motivate and develop strong teams - Ensure the implementation of the Vision and Mission as set by One Hope Canada and the Camp Board


Ensure compliance with One Hope Canada standards and practices Work directly with One Hope Canada and the Camp des Iles ministry Board Develop and manage operating budget (approved by Board) Ensure proper negotiation and authorization on all contracts

Ensure proper accounting of income and expenses - Provide CDI Board with reports and regular communication on camp operations

Attend CDI Board meetings

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Recruit, train, direct and supervise all summer workers and full-time staff Keep permanent files as required

Empower staff to effectively accomplish their position description - Resolve disputes via proactive initiatives, troubleshooting and mediation - Foster an environment for spiritual growth


Work with the camp Board to set dates and types of Camps Oversee camper registrations Direct camps or recruit program directors Maintain a calendar of events

Promotion and Marketing

- Maintain website, promote and assist in fundraising, - Build relationships with the community in general, with donors, parents, churches, etc.

Develop brochures, letters and electronic media presentations - Perform other related duties as required


- Follower of Jesus Christ with a consistent and mature spiritual walk with God

A passion for Christian camping for children and youth A "self-starter” attitude and a willingness to develop relevant programs Strong team player Experience in camping/business/ministry/management Biblical training Basic accounting and management Computer skills as needed

Employment Conditions: Application Process: The candidate must fill out an application form for a full-time missionary position with One Hope Canada. The application is then evaluated by the camp board in consultation with the Quebec Field Director. Once the application is approved, the candidate would then begin the accreditation process in becoming a full-time missionary with One Hope Canada.

Salary: This is not a salaried position. Accepted candidates will trust the Lord to provide funding through His people. After candidates have raised 80% of their required support, they may begin to work full-time in their ministry. (One Hope Canada's Ministry Resource Centre has a worksheet available to help new candidates calculate the amount needed.)

Housing: Camp Des lles has housing available, with utilities included.


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