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Director of Special Needs - Ontario Pioneer Camp, Port Sydney, ON (Posted: 10/30/17; Closing: When filled)

Managing Camp Director - Camp Kwasind, Utterson, ON (Posted: 10/10/17; 11/3/17)

Interim Assistant Director - Camp Kinasao, Christopher Lake, SK (Posted: 10/10/17; Closing: 10/27/17)

Director - Pleasant Bay Camp, Consecon, ON (Posted: 10/10/17; Closing: 11/1/17)

Executive Director - Camp Imadene, Mesachie Lake, BC (Posted: 9/30/17; Closing: 10/20/17)

Assistant Camp Manager - Red Rock Bible Camp, Steinbach, MB (Posted: 8/8/2017; Closing: 11/1/2017)

Business Manager - Frontier Lodge, Nordegg, AB (Posted: 5/2/2017; Closing when filled)

Assistant Director - Snider Mountain Bible Camp, Snider Mountain, NB (Posted: 3/17/2017; Closing when filled)



Custodian - Ontario Pioneer Camp, Port Sydney, ON (Posted: 30/10/17; Closing: When filled)

Facilities & Site Manager - Camp Kwasind, Utterson, ON (Posted: 10/10/17; Closing: 11/3/17)



Year-Round Ministries Registrar and Leadership Experience And Development (L.E.A.D) Administrator - Ontario Pioneer Camp, Port Sydney, ON (Posted: 10/30/17; Closing: When filled)

Business Services Assistant/Guest Group Coordinator - Camp Qwanoes, Vancouver Island, BC (Posted: 9/18/17; Closing: When filled)

Registrar - Camp Qwanoes, Vancouver Island, BC (Posted: 9/18/17; Closing; When filled)

Hospitality Manager - Camp Caroline, Caroline, AB (Posted: 9/18/2017; Closing when filled)



Advancement Coordinator - IAWAH Christian Ministries, Godfrey, ON (Posted: 2/27/2017; Closing when filled)



Food Service Manager - Dallas Valley Ranch Camp, Lumsden, SK (Posted: 10/10/17; Closing: When Filled)

Sous Chef - Fair Havens Ministries, Beaverton, ON (Posted: 9/18/17; Closing: 11/30/17)

Kitchen Supervisor - Camp Chestermere, Chestermere, AB (Posted: 9/13/17; Closing: When filled)

Full and Part-time Cook - Camp Arnes, Arnes, MB (Posted: 8/29/2017; Closing: When filled)

Food Services Manager - Malibu Club, Princess Louisa Inlet (Posted: 7/16/2017; Closing: 10/16/2017)

Head Cook - Brightwood Ranch, Evansburg, AB (Posted: 1/31/2017; Closing when filled)



Program Director - Camp Kinasao, Christopher Lake, SK (Posted: 10/30/17; Closing: 11/17/17)

Winter/Spring Positions - Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON (Posted: 10/10/17; Closing: 1/5/18)

Program Director - Green Bay Bible Camp, West Kelowna, BC (Posted: 9/18/17; Closing: When filled)

Program Staff - Camp Evergreen, Sundre, AB (Posted: 7/25/2017; Closed: 9/30/2017)

Chalet Leaders - Ontario Pioneer Camp, Port Sydney, ON (Posted: 5/12/2017; Closing when filled)

Barn Manager - Winkler Bible Camp, Winkler, MB (Posted: 3/31/2017; Closing when filled)

Horsemanship Director - Snider Mountain Ranch, Snider Mountain, NB (Posted: 3/17/2017; Closing when filled)



Various Opportunities (Including Gap Year Programs) - Abernethy, Scotland, UK (Posted: 4/12/2017; Closing when filled)