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Belka National Summer Camp

Camp Address

  • 120 Norfinch Drive
  • Unit 37
  • Toronto, ON M3N 1X3

Phone: (647) 345-2206

Toll-Free: (866) 606-9992

Camp Phone: (416) 276-0852

Description and Mission

Belka Enrichment Center is a non-profit organization aimed at developing the academic and social potential of low income youths. Belka works with youths, young adults, parents and teachers in our communities across Canada.
We have a range of programs which includes soccer, basketball, Homework club, VBS and our popular summer camp program.
Belka Enrichment Center's creates innovative knowledge-based programs such as mobile or local station homes where youth, ages 6 to 25 feel safe to creatively explore and build their academic strengths. Through our tutoring, homework club, parent Speaks and Media Literacy youth are taught effective reading, writing and public speaking skills.
Objectives: Improve youths' positive approach towards public speaking through our Media Literacy projects Improve youths' overall grade point average by 5-10% with regular attendance in the program Enhance leadership and mentoring skills with youth ages 15-25. Enhance youths' positive attitude towards post-secondary Education Encourage parental involvement in children academic activities or success To provide wider participation in local Community Crime Prevention Programs To continue providing Sports and Scholarship Programs To encourage and support youth and young adults' love of learning To further assist with the transformation the Jane/Finch community into a community of character To provide values education to youth and young adults To assist youth and young adults with their personal enrichment and citizenship development

Program Information & Activities Offered

Youth and Senior Well Being, Spiritual, Educational, and sporting activities.

Facility Information

We partner with schools and the community center for space. Plus our Mobile Computer Center.

Umbrella Organization

Caribbean Global Missions