Assistant Camp Manager - Red Rock Bible Camp, Steinbach, MB

Assistant Camp Manager - Red Rock Bible Camp, Steinbach, MB (Posted: 8/8/2017; Closing: 11/1/2017)

Responsible to: Camp Manager

Red Rock Bible Camp is an Interdenominational Christian Camp in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba. We operate year round and have four main components. The first one being Summer Camp in July and August with approximately 600 campers a year and 60 staff. The second one is Outdoor Education from September- June. We welcome schools of varying sizes to come out and participate in our unique program, while enjoying our outstanding lodging and fantastic food. The third component is our retreat rentals. Youth Groups, Mens Groups and Church families rent our facility. We provide food service and host them and help them have a memorable time with us. The fourth component is our own Red Rock Retreats. We host a Father Son, Mother Daughter, Young Adults, and a Youth Retreat. As well we run a one of a kind Family Camp during the September long weekend. Due to the increase of Outdoor Education and Rental Groups, we are looking to hire a Full Time Assistant Camp Manager

The individual must be at least 18 years old and Hold a valid Class 5 license. 
A post secondary degree in Biblical Studies, Youth Leadership or Church Ministries would be an asset but not required.
The individual must be in good physical shape as the job includes long hours, lots of standing, some heavy lifting and working in all weather conditions.
Interested individuals must be in adherence with Red Rock Bible Camps Statement of Faith and be a committed follower of Jesus Christ and is connected to a local church. 
The applicant would become a member of the Full Time Staff at Red Rock Bible Camp and thus would live on site. They are part of the community at Red Rock Bible Camp and must maintain healthy relationships with those around them. 
The individual must be a servant leader. Lead by example and encourage the program staff in their spiritual walk with Christ by your words and actions.
Participate with the other managers as part of a unified, servant leadership team to: 
a. serve the campers and guest who attend Red Rock Bible camp
b. disciple and build up the other year round and seasonal staff.
c. reach out to the local community as ambassadors of Christ.
e. enhance and enthusiastically participate in the community life of the full time, on site staff.

Duties and Responsibilities
September- June
• Assume Camp Managers responsibilities in their absence
• Host groups as required
• Prepare Program areas for groups and different seasons
• Help with planning of Red Rock Retreats
• Continue with Red Rock Bible Camps camper follow up program
• Assist in purchases, improvements and care of camp equipment
• Help prepare, plan and execute the summer program
• Assist in hiring spring and summer staff
• Assist in promotion of Red Rock Bible Camp through social media, app, camp tours, and MCA and CCI events.
• Other duties as assigned

July & August
• Assume Camp Managers responsibilities in their absence
• Oversee Daily summer programing
• Provide Leadership to all skill instructors
• Provide Leadership to the staff during the Counselor in Training Weeks
• Provide insight to the continual improvement and betterment of camp and its programs
• Promote Red Rock Bible Camp through social media, app, camp tours, videos, and any other means necessary
• Participate in chapels, skills, or events as personal gifting suits
• Attend chapels, staff meetings and firesides

For more information, or to apply, contact Allan at