Assistant Food Service Manager - Red Rock Bible Camp, Steinbach, MB

Assistant Food Service Manager - Red Rock Bible Camp, Steinbach, MB (Posted: 11/29/17; Closing: When filled)

Assistant Food Service Manager
Responsible to: Food Services Manager

The Assistant Food Service Manager will form part of Red Rock Bible Camp’s food services leadership team. The Assistant Food Service Manager will work together with the Food Services Manager to guide and teach other kitchen helpers, to prepare and serve meals/desserts/snacks for guests and staff and by cleaning up and washing dishing at the end of each meal. The leadership team will meet briefly each morning before other kitchen staff arrive to discuss and plan the day, and may sometimes be required to work longer hours than other non-paid kitchen staff. Below is a list of duties a successful Assistant Food Service Manager will need to preform;

1. Setting an example of a Christ like life, encouraging the other kitchen staff in their walk with Christ.
2. Responsible for cooking and baking of camp meals.
3. Responsible for directing kitchen helpers in daily kitchen duties.
4. Guide and teach, Safe Food handing to kitchen helpers.
5. Maintain a clean and sanitized kitchen (counters, sinks, floors etc).
6. Responsible to fill and replace all toxic cleaning chemicals.
7. Assume Food Services Manger role in their absence.
8. Work together with Food Services Manager to oversee all daily kitchen operations.
9. WHMIS and Food Food Handlers level 1 expected but not required.

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