Assistant Director, Gimli Bible Camp, Gimli, MB

Assistant Director, Gimli Bible Camp, Gimli, MB (Posted: 05/03/2020; Closing: When filled)

Gimli Bible Camp
Assistant Director
Job Description

Under God's blessing the ministry of Gimli Bible Camp is developing and growing. A full time Assistant Director to assist with the ministry is needed to enhance the effectiveness of the camp for the future. The position is to be viewed as missionary service to the glory of God, and not merely as a job. Gimli Bible Camp has a strong summer ministry to children and youth along with guest retreat ministry during the rest of the year. The purpose of the Bible Camp/Ministry is to reach children and adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all activities of the Assistant Director are to be focused on this goal. The salvation of the lost and spiritual growth of the saved is our major objective. "So that we may present everyone perfect in Christ Jesus." Colossians 1:28.

One Hope Canada is considered a Religious Order under the provisions of the CRA and as such, missionary employment with One Hope Canada is seen as following God’s unique invitation. Members, and those aspiring to be members, must be in agreement with standards of spiritual and personal suitability, and are therefore required to sign a Statement of Affirmation annually.

Primary Objectives
• To present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ, and especially to children and youth, and to disciple believers for living and serving through His church
• To accomplish this objective through camping ministry by effectively working with a team to manage programs, the site, administration, and all other activities related to Gimli Bible Camp

• Truly born again (1 Peter 1:25)
• Spiritually mature and growing (Philippians 3: 10-l6)
• Be of sound Christian character (1Thessalonians 2:10-12)
• In good standing with an Evangelical Church
• Called to this ministry
• Passion for the Gospel and for Christian ministry to people of all ages
• Be able to subscribe, without reservation, to the One Hope Canada doctrinal statement, as well as to the principles and practices of the Mission

• Experience in Christian camping with children and youth preferable
• Self-motivated
• Some managerial and office experience would be helpful
• Ability to work well with the public, be approachable in nature and gracious in all communication and conduct
• Time management
• Be able to see and cast vision for expanding ministry endeavours
• Be willing to submit to authority and always mindful of teamwork in all that is done
• Be capable of presenting the ministry of GBC when called upon to do so
• Financial management
• Leadership skills in planning and organizing volunteers
• If married, the applicant should have the whole-hearted support of their spouse. The spouse should be viewed as a partner in this ministry; however, the couple (not the Camp/Ministry Board) shall determine the extent of the spouse’s direct involvement in the work.

Responsibilities of the Assistant Director will include:
• Take a leadership role in the summer ministry
• Hosting rental groups
• Build relationships with churches, pastors and youth pastors
• General maintenance and repairs
• Administrative tasks as already gifted or desire to be trained
• Help in recruiting volunteers and summer missionaries
• Interest in missionary work with children at camp as a life long vocation

Additional Recommendations

1) Spend all the time that is necessary to keep spiritual and grow in the Lord. Schedule this into your day’s activities (regular devotions & prayer). Do this when you are at your best physically.
2) Schedule, with your spouse’s input, spiritual times for the two of you alone.
3) Read good books and provide same for your spouse.
4) Be verbal and audible in declaring dependence on the Holy Spirit for all tasks. Claim fullness of the Holy Spirit regularly.
5) Make resisting the devil a way of life.
6) Accept the Cross and self-denial as normal missionary experience.

1) Take breaks; do not be a workaholic.
2) Schedule time with your children.
3) Schedule family outings and activities.
4) Take care of your physical needs, health, rest, exercise and nutritional food.
5) Involve yourself in those community activities that are acceptable and will open the door to make friendship bridges for sharing Christ.
6) Keep free from debt. Make sure house mortgages are no more pressing than rental payments would be.
7) You are not to take jobs other than those periodic in nature to help someone. Exceptions to be cleared through the Board.
8) The physical ability to both lead and participate in all activity at camp.

The Assistant Director is an ambassador of the Camp and must seek in every way possible to establish and maintain good public relations with the community, but without compromise of Biblical standards.

The accepted candidate is expected to raise personal support for this faith missionary role.
GBC camp will commit 15,000 per year as a base support, and the candidate is expected to raise an additional 15,000 per year.

The Camp Board is to include in its annual budget an amount for travel expenses, conferences, outreach, etc.

In accordance with One Hope Canada policy, the Assistant Director shall be entitled to 3 weeks of vacation annually (with pay) after having served one year.

6. TERM:
The position of Assistant Director is taken with the understanding that it is for a period of at least three years (first year being probation). Notice of resignation or release shall be submitted in writing at least 3 months before intakes effect. The Assistant Director may not resign his/her duties between May 1 and August 31, although notice of his/her intentions may be given during this time. Exceptions to this shall be in the event of serious illness or other reasons deemed valid by all parties concerned, (Camp Director, Field Director, Camp Board). Any termination procedure would be done according to Manitoba labor laws.

• Application must be made to the Manitoba Branch of the One Hope Canada. Both husband and wife (if applicable) must apply and be accepted as workers of One Hope Canada ministries.
• The Assistant Director is accountable to the Camp Director. He/she must work in close relationship with the Camp Board in overall operation of the Camp and in harmony with One Hope Canada policies, purposes and objectives.
• The Assistant Director is not a voting member of the Board but may be asked or may ask to attend a meeting when needed with speaking privileges.
• A written report and/or work journal is expected monthly for use by Director/Board. This is to be given to the Camp Director at least 24 hours prior to Board meetings.
• General oversight is exercised by the Field Director

• New workers are expected to attend the 5-day Candidate School conducted by National Office (usually in Nov.)
• Mission workers are required to be at annual Branch Conferences and National Conferences held every 5th year
• Attend professional development events (when appropriate)

This job description shall be effective immediately and is to be reviewed annually by the Camp Board, Camp Director, the Assistant Director and the One Hope Canada Field Director.

The Assistant Director is the ambassador of the Camp/Ministry and must seek in every way possible to establish and maintain good public relations with the community, but without compromise of Biblical standards.

Interested persons should inquire with Don Roe at

(204) 642-5707