Barn Manager, Camp Homewood, Heriot Bay, BC

Barn Manager, Camp Homewood, Heriot Bay, BC (Posted 09/20/22)

Reports To: Operations Manager
Positions Supervised: Barn Assistant, Barn Interns, Summer Wranglers, Volunteers
Remuneration: On site housing and base salary to be determined by the Board. This is a full time missionary position and requires raising personal support.

Position Overview:
The Barn Manager is responsible leading Homewood’s Ranch program and maintaining a high standard of safety and care for the guests, campers, and horses. This includes training staff, volunteers, and horses. The Barn Manager is committed to maintaining the health, overall well-being, and readiness of the horses for use in Homewood’s Ranch and riding programs. They will implement a safe, fun, and educational horse program in order to further the mission of Camp Homewood. The Barn Manager will seek to bring glory to God through their work, attitudes, and words. They will be a person of prayer, love, and celebration who depends upon Jesus and practices relational integrity.

The Barn Manager will demonstrate a desire and willingness to assist and support other members of Homewood’s staff team. This individual is responsible for building a team that strives for excellence as they work together to build the Kingdom of God. Camp Homewood’s ministry is relational. Staff must be able to convey a sense of Christ-like hospitality and concern for guests and staff. The Barn Manager must possess superior leadership, communication skills, and planning abilities, plus common sense and the ability remain cool under pressure. All staff must be able to work with and minister to the volunteer high school and college age young people who serve at camp. Responsibilities are to be carried out in a way that will honour Jesus Christ and comply with the Pacific Coast Children’s Mission’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement. This position is physically demanding and the hours are long. The intensity and focus of this position varies seasonally, and is not a typical ‘9:00 – 5:00’ job. Weekend work is normal.

Mission Statement:
To present the gospel in an unthreatening atmosphere through quality programs and caring relationships, using God’s creation.

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