Business Membership Benefits

Business Membership is $400 per year (January to December)

CCI/Canada is passionate about camp and conference centre ministries, and we would love the chance to work with you to make them better. We believe our Association, and the greater community of Christian camping, will be better with you in it!

How does membership with CCI/Canada benefit you and your business? CCI/Canada is an association of almost 200 camps and conference centres spread across Canada. Membership will connect you with this powerful group of buyers. In addition to the chance to connect with a specific clientele, you will find many more benefits to your membership, as highlighted below.

General Benefits

  • CCI Canada will send an email to all of our camp and conference centre members introducing your business and your important products and services.
  • Members receive the use of CCI/Canada’s logos on their website – a logo familiar to Christian camping professionals nationwide.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Email Communication with Member Camps
    • As a member, you are entitled to send two mass emails annually through our National Office at no cost to you.
    • Additional mass emails (up to a monthly frequency) can be sent at a members-only rate of 25% off regular price.
    • Advertising in various CCI/Canada media (directories, conference programs, etc.) at minimum 25% off regular price.

Marketing and Promotion

CCI/Canada aims to promote its members as much as possible. We do this through creating a significant web presence and using social media as a powerful marketing tool, as well as by networking at national conferences and events. Here are some promotional opportunities your business can enjoy:

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Online Training

CCI/Canada organizes several events per year that will allow your business to target advertising to Christian camps and conference centres across Canada. These events include National Conferences, Executive Leadership Institutes, Regional/Provincial Conferences, Camp Tours, and Webinars and other online training. Membership allows your business:

  • Marketing materials in welcome bags at no cost to you
  • Display space at conferences at member rates (minimum 25% off regular price)
  • Logo representation in programs at national events
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Web Presence
    • Business members have their logo and link to their website on our website, which is viewed regularly by our camp members and the public at large. This advertising is at no charge.
    • As a member, you have the option to target your advertisement to specific areas of our website and display your ad for one month, 6 months or a full year (minimum 25% off regular rates)
    • We also interact with and promote our business members on our Facebook group—CCI Canada Group. Business members are entitled to two social media posts annually on available platforms with their annual mass emails. Any further posts will be minimum 25% off regular price for advertisement.

Advertising in The Equipper

Camp and conference members receive a monthly e-newsletter, The Equipper. This newsletter includes camping news, announcements, classifieds listings, special offers, and other important information. As well as receiving a subscription to this newsletter, business members receive the following exposure in The Equipper:

  • A prominent feature for new business members
  • A smaller, revolving highlight of existing business members
  • Tailored promotions or ads, which can include links directly to your website or email (minimum 25% off regular rates)


In addition to all of the benefits we’ve discussed, your membership provides you with many opportunities for networking, sharing, and fellowship with other members. We hope you’ll consider all of the significant benefits a membership with CCI/Canada holds. Membership is WORTH it! We’re excited to join you in making camping ministry better each year.