Cabin Leader - Summer, Mill Stream Bible Camp, Omemee, ON

Cabin Leader - Summer, Mill Stream Bible Camp, Omemee, ON (Posted 05/03/22; Closing 06/15/22)

Position Focus:

In consultation with the Head Section Leader, the Cabin Leader will:
o Be with a cabin of boys/girls and help each individual by providing opportunities to make wise choices regarding their emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual development.
o Be willing to forego personal rights for the common good of the Camp and camper.
o Have the ability to understand and counsel people.


o The Cabin Leader is directly responsible to the Section Leader of the camp.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

o Supports without reservations the philosophies, policies and procedures of both BCM International (Canada) Inc. and Mill Stream Bible Camp and Retreat Centre.
o Must have some camp or Christian leadership experience.
o Must display a sincere love for the Lord and a desire to see campers come to know and grow in Him.
o Must manifest strong organizational and interpersonal skills incorporating flexibility, innovation and adaptability.
o Must exhibit servant/leadership qualities within a team environment.
o Shows maturity and ability in understanding people in a leadership role.
o Is interested in developing his/her own leadership abilities and is able to organize people and activities.
o Must have successfully completed the staff application.
o Must be at least 17 years of age.

Primary Responsibilities:

o Live with a group of assigned campers and help each one to profit spiritually from the camping experience.
o Lead in cabin devotions.
o Help shy campers to mix with others and assist those with social or emotional problems.
o Display firm behavior management skills, never partial, trying always to be fair to all campers.
o Acquaint each camper with the facilities and rules of the camp.
o Be a life-style example to the campers.
o Complete program activities as assigned or needed.
o Ensure all program activities function with maximum safety.
o Plan activities that help all campers in the cabin group experience success.
o Promote clear communication and unity among the campers and staff to avoid unnecessary problems.
o Be prompt for the daily and weekly staff and prayer meetings.
o Evaluate (written/verbal) of Jr. staff (continuing basis).
o Mentor Jr. staff members into understanding the need to develop team skills in cooperation with the camp leadership, and the organization and administration of the camp policies, procedures and programs.
o Handle discipline situations for campers (in consultation with the Head Cabin Leader).
o Take care of camp property and equipment.
o Be willing to assist in other areas of the camp as required.

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