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So you want to know more about CCI/Canada's Camp Days?

CCI/Canada is an umbrella organization for Christian Camps and Conference Centres. We have over 200 members from British Columbia to Newfoundland even to the Territories. Our members range from kids camp, to family camps, to retreat centres, and offer so many activities it would take an entire page to name them.

We have camps with horseback riding, climbing, hiking, archery, water sports - we even have a camp that has a blacksmithing program! At CCI/Canada we love camp, Jesus, and children. Our camps are focused heavily on teaching youth today about the love and truth of Jesus Christ. 

Every year our camps are given a number of Summer Jobs with the Canadian government that they can fill for anywhere from 2 months to 4. While your duties may change depending on the camp you work at, they all have that one thing in common - they want people to leave their grounds knowing more about Jesus and the Bible.


Camp Days gives you the opportunity to get to know our camps...

Our Camps Days will go as follows: you will join the zoom call. Our National Director, Sharon Fraess, will greet you and explain in short detail about what a summer may look like at any given camp - including duties, hours, activities, etc,. After her greeting and some ice breaker games, she will ask you to pick a number and add it to your name.

The numbers correspond with a camp. If Happy Go Lucky Camp is #1 and that is the camp you would like to go speak with, you would edit you name to have a 1 before it. Sharon will move you from the main 'lobby' of the zoom call into the breakout room with the camp of your choice. There they will likely introduce themselves and ask you to introduce yourself and give you a bit more detail of their specific camp.

Please ask questions! Get to know the camps. Now is the time to get to know the camps you could be working at. After your questions are answered they will likely tell you about the application process - where to submit your resume, references, and the process moving forward.

After you have finished asking questions - you will leave the breakout room and head back into the 'lobby'. You are more than welcome to visit multiple camps - if you want to visit every camp please do! (You simply have to change the number in your name to the corresponding number with the camp of your choice.) The zoom calls will be open for two hours and we hope and pray that you will find a place you could call your temporary summer 'home'!

Do not be afraid to apply to camps outside of your province - we will have camps from BC, AB, and SK. Most camps, if not all, will have lodging on site. If you have always wanted to travel and see more of Canada, this may be your chance. 

When you are done - Leave the call. Research the camps further. Email the ones you are interested in. Apply and find your next ministry field.


If you have any questions, email and we will be happy to answer your inquiries. Thank you for your interest in our camps, we look forward to seeing you on call!


Zoom Link for Feb 24th:

Topic: College Camp Days
Time: Feb 24, 2021 05:00 PM Edmonton

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Camps in Call:

Big River Bible Camp - SK

Camp Oshkidee - SK 

Dallas Valley Ranch Camp - SK

Deeper Life @ SBC - SK

Youth Farm Bible Camp - SK

Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp - AB

Camp Evergreen - AB

Camp Nakamun - AB

Eagles Nest Ranch - AB

Grandcamps - AB

Lone Prairire Bible Camp - AB

Ross Haven Bible Camp - AB

Southern Alberta Bible Camp - AB

Whispering Pines Fellowship Centre and Camp - AB

Camp Squeah - BC

Camp Qwanoes - BC

Ness Lake Bible Camp - BC

RockRidge Canyon - BC

Timberline Ranch - BC