Camp Director, Ootsa Lake Bible Camp, Burns Lake, BC

Camp Director, Ootsa Lake Bible Camp, Burns Lake, BC (Posted 11/26/22; Closing 12/31/22)

Ootsa Lake Bible Camp is located in beautiful central British Columbia. This rustic camp is situated right on the shores of beautiful Ootsa Lake.

OLBC is looking for a dynamic and energetic camp director. The successful candidate will be able to start working part-time at the beginning of 2023. They will be responsible for hiring staff and getting summer camps organized (with the help of the Board of Directors). Three to four weeks of camp will necessitate full-time work. Then wrap-up of camp and finishing tasks up will see the camp director back at part-time status.

The successful candidate will be able to subscribe to the Statement of Faith of OLBC (available on request). The candidate will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and will model biblical leadership to those for whom they are responsible. The candidate will desire to grow in spiritual character and establish biblical standards for all those who will be a part of the ministry of Ootsa Lake Bible Camp. The candidate will seek to uphold the integrity of the ministry of OLBC.

The successful candidate will have the ability to recruit, hire and train camp staff.

The successful candidate will possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

If this opportunity interests you, please reach out to our hiring committee. A full Job Description and Responsibilities can be obtained by emailing Questions may be directed to this email as well.