Construction and Maintenance Projects Worker, Medeba, Haliburton, ON

Construction and Maintenance Projects Worker, Medeba, Haliburton, ON (Posted 03/01/23; Closing when filled)

I. Position:

Maintenance and Construction Project Worker
Permanent, Full-time, Operations Staff Position (avg. of 40hrs per week)

Located in Haliburton Ontario, Medeba is seeking to fill the position of Maintenance and Construction Projects Worker. Medeba is a Christian organization whose mission is; to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say yes to God. In alignment with this purpose, the Maintenance and Construction Projects worker will provide maintenance and construction work to maintain and further develop Medeba’s 200 bed year-round facility in accordance with the Master Plan. This role is primarily involved in working on maintenance and construction projects but will also be assisting with routine maintenance as necessary. This role is generally 9:00 - 5:30 Monday to Friday with adjustments for specific projects and occasionally requires flexibility in work hours.

2. Overview
• To perform maintenance and construction projects for the Medeba site.
• Perform mechanical repairs of Medeba vehicles and trailers as assigned.
• To assist in the routine maintenance of the Medeba site.
• To be directly responsible for the following budget areas:, Project Budgets as assigned.
• Provide leadership and training for health and safety on Maintenance and Construction Projects

Key Priorities
• To continually dream about future direction and how to improve Medeba’s site and to initiate proposals for approval.
• To stay within budgeted areas.

• Maintenance and Construction Projects
o To perform maintenance and construction projects as determined and assigned.
o To ensure that maintaining areas that guests use, have a priority, over maintaining areas that are “behind the scenes”.
o Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all non-program equipment and tools
o Responsible for major building maintenance, repairs and renovations.
o Responsible for creating systems and practices to maintain a safe, organized, tidy project work area and work sites.

• Perform Mechanical Repairs on Medeba vehicles and trailers, as assigned.
o Performing repairs as required.

• Routine Maintenance:
o Medeba’s Maintenance Coordinator will oversee this area but this position may help with routine maintenance from time to time as needed.
o Follow systems and practices to maintain a safe, organized, tidy workshop and maintenance yard.
o Assist Maintenance Coordinator with:
 Performing required water testing and recording.
 Snow removal and sanding.
 Acquiring fire wood supply for heating buildings Health and Safety Officer
 Lawn care

• Provide leadership and training for health and safety on Maintenance and Construction projects.
o Ensure project workers and volunteers are trained and operating in accordance with safe working practices as outline in OSHA
o To Co-chair regular safety meetings with Maintenance coordinator.

3. Skills and Qualifications:

• General knowledge of, and practical experience in building renovations, building construction (including foundation work, framing, plumbing, drywall, trim and finish work) and a working knowledge of Ontario Building Code is preferred.
• Skilled in the use of maintenance and construction tools and equipment.
• Comfortable with working at heights and competent in the use of mobile elevated work platforms.
• Competent vehicle driver and experience in operating construction equipment – tractor/loader, bulldozer, pick up and 3 tonne dump truck.
• Working knowledge of OHSA particularly ON. Reg 213/91 - Construction Projects
• Experience in basic auto mechanics and able to preform routine maintenance on vehicles – change tires, perform oil changes, do brake work, and other standard mechanical work.
• Skills and experience in welding.
• Ability to lead teams, teach and instruct workers and volunteers and share the workload.
• Ability to work well with others, and to encourage and motivate others.
• Ability to follow instructions and submit to leadership.
• Must be physically and mentally able to endure the demands of the work.
• Must be a self-starter, trustworthy, dependable, available, and adaptable.
• Certifications:
o Certified in and comfortable with Working at Heights
o Standard First Aid and CPR Certificate
o Ontario G license or equivalent
o Certified as a “Waterworks Trained Person”
• Training: This training can be arranged as a part of the orientation process.
o Completed Ontario Health and Safety Supervisors Training online.
o Received Whimis training,
o Chainsaw operators training
o Trained in the use of mobile elevated work platforms

4. Supervised by Medeba’s Site and Food Service Director

Contact Steve Archibald 705-754-2444 ext 225