Counsellor, Crane Lake Discovery Camp, Mactier, ON

Counsellor, Crane Lake Discovery Camp, Mactier, ON (Posted 12/07/22; Closing 02/28/23)

Position Details
• Full-time
• Two-year term
• Living on-site (housing provided)

About Crane Lake Discovery Camp
Crane Lake Discovery Camp is a therapeutic wilderness camp for boys aged 10-15 near Mactier, Ontario. Our intensive program helps boys discover life skills for a better future. Since 2005, we have impacted the lives of over 250 boys in our summer camp. We are shifting to a year-round program in 2023, opening our doors to boys who are not thriving in the traditional education system. Joining us now, you can both join an established program and be part of pioneering the year-round program.

About this role
Counsellors provide a 24-hour support system for the campers they are working with. They are the nucleus around which the program revolves. They live with the campers and lead them in meeting daily therapeutic and educational goals.

• Lives with a group of campers at the campsite for 5 days out of 7 (24 hours/day).
• Is responsible for the health and safety of each group member.
• Is responsible to see that program methodology and philosophy are carried out.
• Builds a strong relationship with each camper.
• Leads the group in planning, goal setting, and evaluations.
• Leads the group in evaluating the day’s success.
• Is responsible for the care and maintenance of campsite.
• Notices campers' curiosity and respond with educational resources as able.
• Plans special activities like canoe trip as a group.
• Writes quarterly summary of each boy's progress.

Skills and Qualifications
• Mature, dedicated Christian
• Good interpersonal skills
• Committed to building & maintaining healthy family relationships
• High School diploma or the equivalency thereof.
• Familiar with the out-of-doors and be in good physical condition. A pre­ employment physical is required.
• The counsellor needs to be emotionally and spiritually stable and have wholesome character qualities.
• Must be willing to participate in the program full time, 5 days per week and for periods of extended trips with no time off.
• Must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record.

Why you should work at Crane Lake Discovery Camp
• Team. You like to live and work with other amazing people. We are a small community on a mission – to help boys achieve their potential through our therapeutic wilderness camp. We run as a team and work together.
• Wilderness. You love being in the great outdoors. You love canoeing, fishing, swimming, camping, building campfires.
• Meaning. You want your life to make a difference. You want to work with people and see the impact of your efforts.
• Faith. You want to put your faith into action. You have a strong relationship with God, and you want to walk each day with God and take a risk for him. You know his love, and you want to help others know him too.
• Pioneer. You like to have a voice in your work, and to innovate and create. A cubicle isn’t your thing; you are in your element faced with a difficult problem and finding a way to solve it. You think outside the box.

How to Apply
Email your resume and cover letter to
You can also set up a call or visit with our Executive Director, Ron Weber, at

Closing date is February 28, 2023. Position starts Summer 2023.