Director, Youth Discipleship - Muskoka Bible Centre, Huntsville, ON

Director, Youth Discipleship - Muskoka Bible Centre, Huntsville, ON (Posted: 11/18/2019; Closing: 11/30/2019)

Role Summary
To oversee a compelling youth discipleship experience (we call it ‘Stepping Stones’) impacting the spiritual formation, community life and work experience of the MBC youth work team cohorts including the Interns (6-8) (Sept - April), Spring Crew (30-40) (May-June) and Summer Students (100+) (July - August). In total this includes responsibility to recruit for these cohorts and to steward the discipleship opportunity for some 120 individual youth living in community at MBC annually. More information on the Stepping Stones Program can be found here:
• A demonstrated passion and effectiveness in disciple making specific for youth ages 15 through 25 years old; especially in the context of 24/7 camps or residential living experiences.
• A demonstrated understanding of the culture and needs of the youth generation (y, z, etc.)
• An understanding and support of orthodox theology in particular the statement of faith held by MBC. This statement can be found at:
• Able to self-initiate programming ideas in pursuit of the mission of making disciples
• Able to quickly establish rapport and influence with youth and young leaders, as well as parents of youth.
• Able to identify and mentor young leaders to assist in the oversight and leadership of other youth.
• Able to resonate with parents of youth and liaise with them in the recruitment and development of their youth age children.
• Demonstrated ability to build and maintain partnerships with church, college and other ministry organization leaders for mutual benefit in pursuit of the mission.
• Able to organize and maintain administrative systems such as budgets, meeting schedules, survey and reporting, etc.
Core Accountabilities
• Recruitment – ensure that the positions required by the ministry and operations of MBC are filled in a timely manner.
• Discipleship – plan and implement a program addressing the spiritual formation, community life and work excellence aspects of the Stepping Stones Program.
• Leadership Development – identifying and mentoring young leaders to lead in all aspects of the spiritual formation and community life oversight of the youth community living at MBC.
• Family Engagement – in pursuit of the MBC vision of growing resilient, biblically rooted families, this role will be instrumental in working with parents of the youth in the discipleship of their child.
• Year Round Support/Resources – developing content, connections and reunions to ensure year round engagement and ongoing discipleship of youth enrolled in the Stepping Stones Program.
• Administration – leadership in the areas of scheduling, meetings, survey collection and reporting, outcomes measurement/reporting and budgeting. Also compliance with all regulations, policies and procedures (internal and external) to ensure the safety and well being of all enrolled in the program.
Salary is competitive within the non-profit sector of our size and commensurate with experience and qualifications. A benefits package is included.
How to Apply
Please email your cover letter, resume and references to John Friesen (CEO) at no later than November 25, 2019.