Executive Director, Kingswood Camp, Aylesford, NS

Executive Director, Kingswood Camp, Aylesford, NS (Posted 11/10/23, Closing 12/15/23)

As the Executive Director, you will be the driving force behind all that happens at Kingswood. You will be responsible for not only the day-to-day operations but also the long-term vision and success to the camp. We're looking for someone who can bring energy, creativity, spiritual development, organization and leadership to this role. The position is hired by and accountable to the Kingswood Camp Society Board of Directors.

Key Responsibilities
Spiritual Development
- Continue to develop and maintain a close relationship to God, living out a daily commitment that demonstrates your Christian faith. 

- Attend and actively engage in a local church. 

- Cultivate a support group of fellow believers, near and far, who can provide you with encouragement, prayer, mentorship and challenge you in your Christian walk. 

Community Engagement
- Establish a close working relationship with churches and other Christian community organizations to promote the ministry of Kingswood Camp
- Promote summer camps to children, teens, staff and volunteers 

- Promote and administer rental of the Kingswood Camp site 

- Maintain and broaden the support base for the ministry of Kingswood Camp
- Prepare submissions to appropriate agencies for grants and bursaries to enhance camp budgets operations 

- Marketing and promoting through fostering relationships in the community, printed materials, managing the website, on social media, email marketing and through mail-outs. 

Operations & Facilities Management
- Maintain and upgrade the structures, equipment and program areas as 

- Checking on the property weekly during the off-season.
- Liaise with outside groups to facilitate property rentals. 

Program and Personnel Management
- Provide leadership in the development of programs to make the ministry of Kingswood Camp relevant and exciting. 

- Recruit, train, mentor, and provide evaluation of camp staff to provide quality programs for campers. 

- Safety and Compliance, policy and procedures
- Rental Group Management 

Board Relations
- The Executive Director shall maintain close communications with members of the Executive of the Board and report to the Board at its monthly meeting. 

- Consult and work with the Camp Board to advance the ministry objectives of Kingswood Camp; consult and work with the sub-committees of the Board to ensure that Kingswood Camp maintains a high standard of programs and personnel, equipment and facilities in its on-going operation.
- There will be a performance review of the Executive Director each year. Reviews are conducted (1) to evaluate the progress of the camping ministry under the direction of the Executive Director, (2) to set goals for the Executive Director’s (a) personal development and (b) ministry development and (c) to explore ways the Board may assist the Executive Director to advance the ministry of Kingswood Camp. 

Qualifications and Skills
- Personal relationship with Jesus 

- Passion for sharing the Gospel 

- Passion for outdoor education 

- Proven leadership and camp experience 

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills 

- Budget management 

- Administrative skills 

- Bachelor’s degree in a related field (eg. Outdoor Education, Recreation, Business Administration, Divinity, Theology) or equivalent experience. 

- Previous experience with Camp Brain considered an asset 

- First Aid and CPR certification (or willingness to obtain)

- Valid Drivers Licence and vehicle to use 

This year-round position includes a salary, benefits, professional development opportunities, training, travel and provision of on-site housing. During the camping season, there is an expectation to live on-site. The position is full-time for four months and half-time for eight months of the year. 

If you're ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as the Executive Director of Kingswood Camp, apply today and be a part of an incredible team that is shaping the next generation. Join us in creating lasting memories and lifelong friendships in the great outdoors! 
Interested applicants should look at www.kingswoodcamp.ca to learn more about Kingswood Camp.

The successful applicant will be required to be in agreement with the Kingswood Camp Statement of Faith.

Link to Job Description: https://www.kingswoodcamp.ca/

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your vision for working as the Executive Director of Kingswood Camp by emailing board member Chris Johnston at revchrisjohnston@gmail.com. 
Deadline for submission of application: December 15th, 2023