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Faith Spark is the app to use for follow-up ministry after the camping season!

Faith Spark is a ministry initiative of One Hope Canada, Canada's largest camping ministry. They have been sharing the love of Jesus with children and youth since 1927.  Faith Spark was created by international kids' app developer Dubit, who does work with some BIG companies like LEGO and Disney. The app was built for security and safety with your kids in mind!

Their mission is to create a community of like-minded ministries who can spur one another on to utilize Faith Spark and create disciples of Jesus at a young age. They want to see children come to know Jesus in a deeper way as they interact and use Faith Spark as part of their spiritual journey.

Faith Spark is an amazing, effective follow-up platform to help you connect with the children and preteens in your ministry - whether you are running camp, church or other children's programming. Here are four reasons why Faith Spark is a great option for follow-up ministry:

  1. Keep in touch. Even after they go home, keep building into the relationships made - on a secure and safe platform.
  2. Keep the program going. Use Live Events to continue the fun and teaching.
  3. Keep engagement high. Inspire curiosity about faith.
  4. Keep it safe. Safety and security are non-negotiable.

Faith Spark provides year-round discipleship opportunities, through a secure, kid-friendly platform app! Designed specifically for kids ages 7-12; the App allows for year-round discipleship opportunity and connection on a secure, kid-friendly platform. It is a subscription based platform that is month to month and allows you to cancel anytime.


Faith Spark provides a user-friendly platform that is robust enough to keep up with your program!

Live Events: Bring your ministry to kids at home. Stream live events right from the app! Use the chat and quiz feature to have your kids interact with you. 

Group Chat: Stay connected! Kids can chat with friends and approved leaders on a safe and secure platform.

QuizIT & QBox: Create custom quizzes for kids to continue learning or silly quizzes to have some fun! Kids can ask questions about faith, life, God, and more in the leader-moderated Q Box.

Photo & Video Gallery: Upload photos and videos. Help kids remember the fun they experienced while attending your program! 


Want to know more?

Visit their website: to get started on your camp's follow-up plan!

Have any questions? 

Email to talk to the App Ministry Director - Erica Mair.