Food Services Assistant, Joy Bible Camp, Bancroft, ON

Food Services Assistant, Joy Bible Camp, Bancroft, ON (Posted 06/08/23)

Job Outline:
The Foodservice Supervisor must have the desire to serve the Lord by serving others in hospitality. We seek a person who invests in volunteers and team members with the intent to cultivate a working environment that emphasizes each team member is valued and welcome.

Under the direction of the Foodservice Manager or in their absence the supervisor will oversee the catering and service operations while striving for excellence in the preparation and presentation of appealing, well-balanced and nutritious meals for groups of 10 – 250 people. Food is to be served on schedule and at its peak. Specialized dietary needs and therapeutic diets are to be prepared and served providing guests with equitable quality alternatives and substitutes meeting their physical and psychological needs.

The catering team must help provide a distraction-free environment leading to a fruitful and carefree guest experience. The job is physically demanding supervisor will need to identify challenges, preempt risks and exercise skills at reorganizing workflow that encourages timely, safe food quality and prevents slow service lines and delays working towards the continual improvement of this crucial guest service component.

Job responsibilities:

Assist with the preparation and cooking of complete meals for guests, staff and volunteers including special dietary options and baked goods.
Working most weekends when we have rental groups
Provide ideas and feedback on menus, and menu items in order to maintain relevance in current food culture and develop reputational favourites.
Properly store and reuse leftovers in accordance with Public Health regulations, minimize waste and encourage recycling.
Assist with ordering, receiving and storing food supplies and materials.
Chart temperatures daily for all coolers and freezers as well as operating temperatures for the dishwasher.
Assist with maintaining an inventory of all food supplies, paper, and chemicals as directed
Work to ensure the kitchen, dining room, snack service areas and coffee stations are in a state of readiness for times as outlined in the guest planning document.
Work to ensure Public Health regulations and Food Safe guidelines are followed to safeguard the health of guests, staff and volunteers.
Work to ensure that safety for all workers (including yourself) is priority one. Enforce best practices, identify hazards, and take corrective measures.
Work to ensure proper cleanliness and sanitation of kitchens, pantries, fridges, freezers, stoves/ovens and storage areas prior to, during, and after each camp use. All equipment, laundry and linens are to be properly cleaned and stored following use and work areas are to be left clean and tidy.

Spiritual Leadership:

Model Christ in word, deed and actions.
Model and promote Joy Bible Camps, mission, purpose, core values, and strategic plan. Representing the mission positively and professionally within the community.
Provide spiritual leadership to direct reports, interns, summer staff and volunteers.
Pray for the ministry, guests and co-labourers. We are desperately dependent on prayer that flows from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Personal knowledge and experience of the saving work of Jesus Christ, pursuing personal spiritual growth and involvement in a local church.

Intentional Hospitality:
As caretakers and hosts of a relational outreach ministry, all staff must convey a sense of Christ-like hospitality, concern and service to all guests, coworkers and those within our local community.
Respond to the unexpected needs of our guests promptly and professionally.
Maintain a positive attitude and a friendly, professional manner to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
Attend meetings, Reply to emails, messages, and radio calls professionally and respond to requests quickly and efficiently.

Joy Bible Camp is seeking a partner who sees the organization as a ministry and understands its missional activities are expressed through conferencing and camping activities. The position has seasonal demands and an on-call component.

The position can be short-term (Through our summer season or permanent).
This is a Missionary position. We provide a base hourly wage of not less than minimum wage between 25 and 30 hours per week. There is administrative support to help a missionary raise funds to meet total salary needs.

Location and Terms:
Seven-day flexible (Shift) work-week at Joy Bible Camp, Bancroft, Ontario.

Personal Development commitment:
The candidate will need to achieve the following:
Ontario Food Handlers Certificate within two weeks
Legislated compliance requirements that may arise.

Steps & Timelines in the Selection Process:

Applicants must email their application materials (cover letter and resume) and include a statement articulating their faith perspective. A range of qualifications is evaluated, including distinguishing characteristics that demonstrate congruence with our identity.

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Accommodations are available on request for candidates participating in all aspects of the selection process.

Joy Bible Camp is considered a Religious Organization under the provisions of the CRA, and as such, missionary employment with Joy Bible Camp is seen as following God’s unique invitation. Partners, and those aspiring to be partners, must be in agreement with standards of spiritual and personal suitability and are therefore required to sign a Statement of Affirmation annually.
At Joy Bible Camp, we seek a team committed to providing “intentional hospitality” to our guests and consistently exemplifying excellence in spiritual enrichment, quality of service, maintained facilities and overall experience.

The anticipated start date is ASAP. The job will be posted until filled. (applications will be reviewed upon submission)