Food Services Coordinator, Camp Nakamun, Busby, AB

Food Services Coordinator, Camp Nakamun, Busby, AB (Posted 06/07/21; Closing when filled)

Reports to: Hospitality Manager

Primary Purpose: The mission statement for Camp Nakamun is to help people Encounter God, Enrich Relationships and Experience Creation. The role provides leadership to food services of Camp Nakamun to ensure that it is in alignment with this mission. It involves: leading the kitchen staff in preparing and serving our guests nutritious, quality meals; planning the menus; ordering the food and keeping the kitchen clean, organized and running smoothly.

Main Responsibilities

Responsibility 1 Team Member
As part of the staff team for Camp Nakamun ministries this person shares in the responsibility to do all they can to ensure we are accomplishing our mission. Although there are many different roles on our team, we are first a team! This means there is a willingness to step outside of our specific roles in order to help us, as a team, accomplish our mission.

Responsibility 2 Kitchen staff 30 Percent of time
• Train and oversee kitchen staff to enable them to be efficient in their work, and to understand the mission of camp.
• Be the point person for other cooks to come to for questions about meals, etc
• Work with the head cook to make sure all meals are prepared properly, are out on time and with sufficient quantities
• Provides oversight and direction to the Ranch Caterer for the summer.
• Give spiritual leadership and guidance to other staff under this position, including praying, answering spiritual questions and demonstrating a level of spiritual maturity

Responsibility 3 Food Management 45 Percent of time
• Plan weekly menus for guest groups
• Organize inventory each week in freezers and stock room
• Complete grocery order Mondays and Thursdays each week
• Ensure each stock order is correct and acceptable
• Coordinate with Hospitality Manager for any changes with menus or meal times
• Maintain a high standard of food quality
• Take care of weekly dietary issues and ensure preparation of necessary alternatives for guests and staff
• Work with health inspector as it relates to food, food prep and food handling.

Responsibility 4 Cook 25 Percent of time
• Cooks and helps out in the kitchen

Responsibility 5 Community Connection
Being a part of the staff team at Camp Nakamun includes a commitment to be a part of the community around Nakamun. This can include: community leagues, events, coaching, panels, schools, church, volunteer fire department, community cultural events, etc.

Budgetary: Helps to manage the cost of food by being efficient in the use of food, the purchase of food and the use of leftovers.

Collaboration: Will collaborate with the Hospitality Manager and the Director of Operations.

• Cooking and kitchen management skills
• Strong work ethic and willingness to serve and be flexible
• Ability to work with others and individually
• Current Food Safe Certification
• Commitment to the vision and mission of Camp Nakamun Ministries

Length of Employment: This is a year round, full-time position.

To apply or for more information contact Debbie Toews
Phone: 780-967-5585
Resumes can be emailed to above address.