Food Services Manager - Beacon Bible Camp, Torrance, ON

Food Services Manager - Beacon Bible Camp, Torrance, ON (Posted: 12/30/2019; Closing when filled)

General Position Description
Beacon’s Food Service Manager is responsible for the oversight of food service at camp, including menu planning, kitchen staff management and regulation compliance. The Food Service Manager will also be responsible for liaising with families, staff and outside groups to provide safe and nutritious experience at Beacon Bible Camp

Competencies Required
The following set of attitudes, skills, knowledge and techniques are important qualities in all our staff members. We require that the Food Service Manager at Beacon:
- Have knowledge and experience in working and maintaining a high standard 0f cleanliness in a large commercial kitchen, including experience cooking and baking for large groups
- Maintain a safe, sanitary workplace while meeting all health regulations, camp policies and health and safety requirements
- Demonstrate effective leadership to work with sessional head cooks and be able to recruit, train and supervise food service staff.
- Demonstrate a strong work ethic, showing initiative and independence, while being able to work well within an often fast-paced team setting
- Show enthusiasm for working with and around young people, while demonstrating tact and poise as they learn
- Be comfortable using technology (including mobile applications) to advance Beacon’s mission, especially in the area of food service
- Work well with others, including campers, families, session staff, year-round staff board members and other stakeholders
- Demonstrate good organizational and time management skills with the ability to multitask, including planning multiple weeks of camp sessions simultaneously
- Maintain confidentiality regarding campers, staff and organizational issues
- Possess the following certifications, clearances and training: police check (with vulnerable sector screening), driver’s license, food handler certificate, and health and safety training as required by camp policies and health regulations

Specific Responsibilities
The Food Service Manager must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Beacon Staff Expectations guidelines. They assume specific responsibility for providing efficient and smooth operation of the food services during all Beacon activities (camp sessions, rentals, events) and the following responsibilities:

Menu Planning, Preparation and Delivery
- Plan and oversee the creation of healthy, cost-effective, appropriate menus for all sessions, events and rentals, following standards set by the Canada Food Guide
- Ensure that food inventory reflects menu requirements, while placing timely and accurate food orders with food providers and being present to direct food order deliveries
- Communicate with families, rental groups and staff regarding identified food allergies and dietary restrictions
- Oversee the daily quantity, taste and temperature of meals and ensuring that food is served well in a timely fashion
- Develop and implement inventory control systems to maximize savings and minimize waste
- Update recipes, menu offerings and manuals to reflect current practice

Staff Management and Development
- Provide supervision and direction to food service staff daily during camp sessions (year-round), including rental groups as required
- Communicate with the session directors for Beacon camp sessions regarding kitchen needs, special food items and other requests
- Recruit and communicate effectively with head cooks and kitchen staff to ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen during camp sessions
- Further develop the KIT program (Kitchen Staff in Training), providing valuable experiences for younger staff who are not yet able to fully participate in volunteering in the kitchen
- Meet with and train head cooks to ensure that they are confident and comfortable with their work before, during and after their time of service

General Administration
- Ensure that all food service equipment and facilities are ready for activities
- Lead the maintenance of kitchen equipment and make necessary changes and purchases to reflect food service needs
- Monitor the food service budget to ensure efficient delivery of programs
- Ensure a very high standard of cleanliness and organization of kitchen and dining room as well as all equipment (including freezers and fridge)
- Participate as a member of the year-round staff and provide support to the other team members, including staff meetings, times of prayer and professional development.
- Attend work days, annual general meetings and other staff events as required
- Communicate with food provider representatives to find new, more cost-efficient, and/or healthier ingredients and items (including attending food shows)
- Liaise with local health unit inspector to ensure that Beacon passes all required kitchen inspections
- Welcome rental groups and making sure they are settled at camp (on a rotating schedule with other year-round staff)
- Assist in general housekeeping tasks as required (including cleaning of camp facilities, purchasing décor items for the kitchen and dining hall, and other tasks)

Reporting and Working Relationships
The Food Service Manager reports to the Executive Director and works closely with other year-round staff. The Board of Trustees provides general oversight as required. The Food Service Manager also works closely with session directors.

Time Requirement
The position of Food Service Manager is a year-round, Muskoka-based position. From September to May, the position requires approximately 20-30 hours of direct attention, with some months requiring more attention than others. During the summer months (June to August), the position requires 10-12 hours a day of attention, and can sometimes require 24/7 on call status. When Beacon programming is in session, the Food Service Manager must be available to consult regarding issues that may arise. The summer months require great flexibility, as the Food Service Manager is the point person for all food service-related matters, and they must be available to assist head cooks and other staff as required.

Income and Benefits
Beacon Bible Camp is a volunteer-run organization, which includes the year-round staff. However, Friends of Beacon Ministries (a separate charitable organization) provides gifts to year-round staff and some other positions. As a part of the selection and interview process, these support gifts will be discussed to ensure that all candidates have a clear understanding of the support that is available to them. Friends of Beacon will work with the candidate to find appropriate support levels and explain the process by which the candidate can raise additional funds, if necessary.

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