Forge Program Coordinator - Camp Arnes, Arnes, MB

Forge Program Coordinator - Camp Arnes, Arnes, MB (Posted: 5/30/2019; Closing when filled)

Reports To: Forge Program Director Department: Program Date Created: July 22nd/2018 Date Updated:


The Role of the Forge Program Coordinator is to support the Program Director and to execute and implement many of the day to day tasks of the Forge Program. The Coordinator also plays an essential role in the support and encouragement of the Forge Participants, especially the Apprentices.


Reports to: Forge Program Director

Internal Contacts: Department Heads, Outdoor Education Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator, Forge Program

Coordinator, Forge Apprentices, Forge Interns, Food Service Staff, Administration Staff

External Contacts: Family and Support of Forge Participants, Outdoor Education/ Rentals Guests, Volunteers


  1. Have a mature, personal commitment to Jesus Christ, as evident in their daily lives. 2. A valid child abuse registry check and criminal record check. 3. Ability to interact with guests, campers and staff in a consistently pleasant manner and be able and willing to share the

Gospel when opportunity arises. 4. Agreement/support of Camp Arnes Mission Statement, Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith. 5. Must exhibit a genuine Passions for the development of young leaders and with a willingness to serve their interests

before their own through a model of Christian service. 6. Flexible with work hours as required to fulfill duties. 7. Model Christian character. 8. Leadership and mentoring experience. 9. Conflict resolution skills. 10. Solid understanding of file keeping and organization. 11. Experienced user of spreadsheets (Excel) and familiar with word processing. 12. Must have average to above average written and oral communication skills relating to fellow staff and external contacts. 13. Problem solver. 14. Customer service skills. 15. Excellent organizational skills. 16. Team building skills. 17. Details oriented. 18. Have the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks to timely and effective completion. 19. Creative, dynamic and engaging.


  1. Assisting Forge Program Director with Forge program and tasks as they arise. 2. Carrying out details of weekly Forge In-House nights and group suppers. 3. Occasional organizing curriculum and teaching of weekly Bible study. 4. With direction from Forge Program Director, oversee the setting up of all meeting places for sessions and classroom

times including in-house trainings and guest speakers. 5. Arranging transportation for all Forge events.

  1. Assist in the planning and coordination of special events like city field trips and fun group outings. 7. Generally coaching Apprentices through challenges and framing positive outlooks for them. 8. Learn and assist in the teaching and delivering of Leadership curriculum and education taught to both Apprentices and

Interns. 9. Assist with planning and creating the Forge budget. 10. Assist in Forge Apprentice recruitment planning. 11. Assist Forge Program Direct with Out trip adventure component:

  1. Assist in the Schedule, planning and organization of the three out trip components of the Apprenticeship


  1. Canoe Trip ii. Lake Trek iii. Solo Retreat b. Assist in Meal Preparation and execute food packing, scheduling and help with cooking while on trips. c. Assist in Educating the Apprentices on all safety risks and emergency procedures involved in the out trip. d. Take responsibility and leadership in matters of safety and risk management by modeling safe practices and

First aid responses for Apprentices.

  1. Faith formation:
  2. Assist Forge Program Director in Planning and running Bible studies. 13. Leadership development:
  3. Assist Forge Program Director with Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessments and data entry. b. Assist in planning and running Practical Leadership days with the Forge Apprentices. c. Assist Program Director with coordinating and setting up leadership challenges that will highlight and bring to

light habits and characteristics of leadership style. 14. Assist Program Director in communication between directors, mentors and Apprentices.


  1. Communicate and model safe practice in all Camp activities and areas of Camp. 2. Assist in secondary duties when needed in other areas of Camp. 3. Help with the set up and take down of different programming, as assigned. 4. Share your Christian life and character with campers as you can. 5. Encourage, honor and respect fellow staff and leaders. 6. Be able to participate with enthusiasm in various weather conditions. 7. Promote an encouraging and fun environment. 8. Be on time for all scheduled programming and meals. 9. Properly care for your designated accommodations. 10. Present yourself in a professional manner in appearance and attitude, especially in the presence of parents and guests. 11. Uphold all Camp Arnes policies. 12. Participate in the Saturday Circle Time staff meeting once campers have left. 13. Attend and participate in Tuesday and Thursday morning staff devotions. 14. Attend and participate in Sunday night Journey groups. 15. Attend and participate in Sunday night Wigwams/Worship. 16. Be connected to a church community and, whenever possible, attend church on Sundays. 17. Seek out work when daily jobs are done. 18. Pray for and with those in need, both guests and staff. 19. Do every task with the highest quality and standards in mind. 20. Ensure your safety as well as that of other workers and guests. 21. Buy-into and display Camp’s model of challenge and growth.


  1. Requires prolonged sitting or standing. 2. Requires ability to work in adverse weather conditions, including rain, heat and cold. 3. Requires ability to lift and move objects weighing up to 25 kilograms.


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