Head Female Counselor, Caton's Island, Browns Flat, NB

Head Female Counselor, Caton's Island, Browns Flat, NB (Posted 04/26/23; Closing 05/20/23)

• Must take the necessary staff training from June 24-29, 2023.
• Must be able to work at Caton’s Island until August 26, 2023 (Any dates you cannot work must be approved by the Camp Director by June 1, 2023).
• Must abide by the Staff Standards (https://www.catonsisland.com/wp-content/uploads/Staff-Standards-2022.pdf)
• Must be able to lead others.

• General leadership, care, and supervision of counselors.
• Acting as a resource person to all counselors.
• Working with the Camp Director and the Spiritual Life Manager to devise a staff training program and to encourage holistic growth in the lives of counselors (spiritual maturity, relational skills, personal abilities, leadership skills, etc.).
• Assigning counselors and campers to cabin groups each week.
• Working in cooperation with counselors to deal with tough camper issues (discipline, homesickness, illness, injury, etc.)
• Ensuring that all counselors fill out Barnabas Records each week to record spiritual decisions in the camper’s lives.

For more information, please email campoffice@catonsisland.com. To apply, please email a resume to campoffice@catonsisland.com and fill out a staff application at www.catonsisland.com/staff. Please note: only part-time staff applications are available on our website at this time, but we request that you fill that out so we can have some more information about you to begin the process. This position is for a 12 week period and not part-time.