Head of Facilities, Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp, Coalman, AB

Head of Facilities, Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp, Coalman, AB (Posted 03/08/23; Closing 03/21/23)

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is seeking a unique and talented individual to join our unique and talented team. Our current Facilities Manager is planning to resign after this summer season, leaving us with the difficult task of finding a replacement. Our ideal candidate:
has the technical skills to handle the job; loves God, and people; wants to do Kingdom work and pursue Jesus’ Great Commission in a camp setting.

If you think you might be the right sort of person to take this on, please send an expression of interest to

Apply At:


The successful candidate will join a core team of five, along with:

Director of Camping
Director of Outdoor Programs
Volunteer Coordinator
Office Administrator
(Facilities Manager) YOU

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is a fee-free, Christ-centred summer camp in the Canadian Rockies. We have been offering camps for kids since 1957, and now we have two locations, and serve more than 650 kids per summer. Our specialization as a camp is in wilderness programming: rock climbing, canoeing, and archery, as well as backcountry outtrips.

The founders of Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp intended to create a joy-filled space, and a place to of deep peace, built on faith, hope, and love. We’ve learned that the best way to create this kind of deep community is to pursue Jesus. We will need your help to continue that pursuit. We are seeking a Facilities Manager who overflows with living water, to the benefit of the whole camp community, and the Crowsnest Pass too.

Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp is non-denominational. That means we are not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. But we believe strongly in the value of churches. We see ourselves as a service to the church - helping train and equip, and encouraging participation in local churches. We are mindful of the fact that we are not a church, or a theological seminary, or a Bible College: we’re a welcoming place that serves as an introduction to live in a community of belief, and to the Kingdom of God.


We are looking to hire someone who sees Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp as a ministry. But it is also a job. We want someone who has the technical skills to ensure that Crow is professionally operated and maintained. This requires someone with high-level proficiency and credentials in carpentry, plumbing, or mechanical trades, with competency as a handyman as a key requirement.

The full job description is below, but in summary, there are really three pieces to this job:

1) Keep the place running, looking after the buildings and the vehicles we already have.

2) Have a heart for ministry and participate in the mission

3) Make the place beautiful, and safe, by maintaining professional standards for maintenance of camp assets

The job responsibilities range from:

managing and assigning janitorial tasks;

making repairs and replacing broken or obsolete supplies & materials;

overseeing capital improvements and construction projects as the general contractor.

This is a difficult job because the tasks involved require an extreme range of skills and trades. What you do not know how to do, we will contract to outside professionals or volunteers at your direction.

The successful candidate will also have an important community relations role. Most obviously, this means coordinating the dozens of annual volunteers who contribute to our facilities and maintenance programs (like, for instance, work days). The ideal candidate will be comfortable sharing highlights of summer programming, and successes with partner churches, and coordinating outreach to skilled volunteers in advance of major projects.

Although the successful candidate will be a credentialed tradesperson, we do not have a requirement or expectation as to which trade is your specialty. In fact, the most important qualification is skill in time management, and diligence. Above all technical skills, we are looking to hire a self-starter, who is able to accurately assess and appropriately prioritize work to be completed. The successful candidate will be able to work within a budget (and occasionally, that budget will be restrictive, due to the nature of our business) but will always be professional, and will not cut corners or sacrifice safety for the sake of saving a couple of dollars.

Anticipated Start Date: 11 April 2023

We are currently accepting expressions of interest. Your expression of interest may include:

Resume/CV/Highlights of Qualifications

Cover Letter (explaining why you find this ministry and role appealing)

Summary of Skills & Interests

Character or Professional References


PO Box 250, Coleman, Alberta – Tel: 403-563-5120- Email: info@crowcamp.ca(link sends e-mail)