Horse Program Instructor and Trail Guide, Camp Crossroads, Torrance, ON

Horse Program Instructor and Trail Guide, Camp Crossroads, Torrance, ON (Posted 03/03/23)

 Be a positive role model for younger staff and campers by striving to exemplify the qualities
above. Provide mature leadership to staff and campers through role specific responsibilities.
 Must be:
 Confident in barn safety, reading horse behavior, horse care & safe handling, tack fitting &
tacking-up to teach clients ages 5+
 Familiar with Equine First Aid and knowledge of common conditions such as laminitis, heaves,
& assessing lameness
 A patient, attentive & compassionate teacher with excellent communication skills
 Someone who takes pride in their work, wanting to further camp’s outreach with their service
 Capable of leading trails with novice riders confidently and with authority, has good
navigational skills (give & follow directions, read maps, use a compass) and can memorize
trails within a few weeks
 Willing to complete, practice & teach Camp Crossroads’ Trail Wrangler Safety Training
 Teaching up to 5 lessons a day (45-60 minutes each) in groups of up to 6 riders, following camp
curriculums or Equine Canada / CHA Levels, providing campers with certificates of
Guiding up to 5 trail rides a day (30-minute to 2-hour trails) in groups of up to 6 guests solo, up to
10 guests with a Trail Wrangler dragging, and 11 or more guests with 2 Trail Wranglers
 Providing each trail riding group with a safety speech in the form of a riding demonstration or
verbal explanation before leaving the barn (safety speech provide) and providing interp on each
trail ride about riding tips & safety, horsemanship, insight into Camp (interp info provided)
 Fit helmets and complete safety checks for every horses’ tack as per industry standards
 Train, manage, and distribute/delegate jobs to staff & volunteers
 Help to oversee proper care & handling of horses
 Help manage horse workload, exercise, & training
 Help administer Equine First Aid when needed, manage fly prevention, and monitor horse
condition, behavior & moral daily
 Help manage feeding schedule and communicate with HP Organizer/Administrator when supplies
are running low; keep organized monitoring of hay storage, quality, and food consumption
 Help oversee equipment care, organization, and tack fitting
 Help oversee care of barn & facilities (corral, arena, pasture)
 Assess riders and teach educational lessons for the appropriate age group and level of skill
 Training in Horse Program’s emergency protocols & risk prevention
 Ensuring that you provide a safe and enjoyable environment where people are encouraged to
grow in their knowledge and love of horses and God
 Attend all staff meetings, chapel sessions and firesides
 May be asked to share a 3 minute personal story of faith for the campers
 Participate in Summer Staff training sessions
 Adhere to camp policies and procedures
 Other duties as assigned by the Horse Program Director
 Reports to the Horse Program Director
● Preferred age of 19 or older
● Is an intermediate-advanced rider in either English &/or Western disciplines, having taken
riding lesson under a Riding Instructor/Coach for a minimum of 2 years and can provide either:
○ a letter of reference from a riding instructor/coach that speaks well of riding skills,
horsemanship, & teachability
○ a short video (max. 2 minutes long) demonstrating capability in tacking up
English/western, mounting from a mounting block, and technical riding
● Has experience teaching riding lessons at Equine Canada/CHA Levels 1 & 2 (western or
● Past experience leading fun, horse based activities
● Standard First Aid & CPR
● Preference will be given to those who have past experience with horse programming in a
camp setting.

If interested send resume and cover letter to: