Kitchen Assistant, Camp Crossroads, Torrance, ON

Kitchen Assistant, Camp Crossroads, Torrance, ON (Posted 03/03/23)

Be a positive role model for younger staff and campers by striving to exemplify the qualities above. As
Core Summer Staff, provide mature leadership to other Summer Staff through role specific
● Maintain proper personal hygiene at all times while working in the kitchen.
● Assist with enhanced cleaning protocols as required.
● Provides guidance and assistance to junior kitchen staff members, including, but not limited,
to line cooking, food preparation, and dish washing. Leads by example.
● Ensures a first-in, first-out food rotation system and verifies all food products are properly
dated and organized for quality assurance.
● Keeps cooking stations stocked, especially before and during prime operation hours.
● Assists Facilities team in garbage removal, cardboard and floor mopping.
● Manages food preparation and minimizes waste, plus works with existing systems to improve
waste reduction and manage budgetary concerns
● Works with Food Service Manager (FSM) to maintain kitchen organization, staff ability, and
training opportunities.
● Assists with Dining Hall Responsibilities when required, which includes food serving, dining
hall set and clearing and washing of dishes.
● Verifies that food storage units all meet standards and are consistently well-managed, clean
and at proper temperatures.
● Assists FSM with menu creation and co- manages special diets program.
● Helps FSM with equipment management, cleaning and maintenance.
● Attend all staff meetings
● Encouraged to attend chapels and firesides when possible
● Keep yourself and others accountable to the camp policies & procedures
● Other duties as required by Head Cook or FSM
● Reports to the Food Service Manager
Preferred age is 20 years or older
Preferred Experience
● Previous experience/education in a camp context
● Previous experience in food preparation
● Previous experience in customer service
● Previous experience in dining hall with equipment and procedures
● Strong communication skills to confidently explain organizational information and converse
with guests/staff
● Self-confidence to take the initiative in various duties
● Basic math skills

2 month position

If interested in applying send cover letter and resume to: