Maintenance Operations Supervisor, Joy Camp, Bancroft, ON

Maintenance Operations Supervisor, Joy Camp, Bancroft, ON (Posted 08/03; Closing when filled)

Reports to:
Executive Director

Positions directly supervised:
Maintenance staff, volunteer maintenance and building assistants

Major responsibilities be they supervision/planning or everyday duties to be fulfilled
*Observe current equipment and facilities, maintain current equipment and facilities and plan for updates according to developing needs within JOY.
*Develop and maintain a plan for each facility of upkeep projects (less than $2000).
*Coordinate with Facility Project Manager for upkeep projects greater than $2000.
*Supervise use and access to shop, water room, septic pump room, propane tanks, fueling station, electrical panels, water heaters, vacuums
*Support guest services, opening and closing facilities, preparing specific structures or equipment for recreational programs
*Develop and organize a strong volunteer community to support projects in a timely manner.
*Train, supervise and schedule summer maintenance staff.
*Update and keep current effective documentation for W.H.M.I.S
*Maintain and document our drinking water system
*Oversee grounds keeping and roads as needed (i.e. winter plowing, summer grass, etc.)
*Execute a plan for grounds keeping that includes hedge and tree trimming, tree planting, stump removal, grass planting, decorative flowers and shrubs and beach front
*Obtain and process firewood for the outdoor & dining room furnace, staff houses and lounge.

In consultation with the Executive Director seek outside advice or participate in other programs as JOY as needed.

To apply, send resume to