Executive Director - Whispering Pines Camp, Elkwater, AB

Executive Director - Whispering Pines Camp, Elkwater, AB (Posted 10/04/2019; Closing 10/31/2019)

The primary purpose of the position of Executive Director (ED), will be the responsibility for living out the Vision and mission of Whispering Pines Fellowship Center and Camp (WPC). This will be done through building relationships within our communities and partners and by creating engaging experiences for our campers, volunteers and team members. You’ll be responsible for creating, planning, implementing and executing strategies and reporting on all elements of Whispering Pines to a Board of Director. You’ll partner with your team to build thoughtful marketing campaigns to acquire new supporters and engage existing ones. You’ll strive to provide spiritual leadership to the volunteer and paid team members that will be in your care. You’ll work with the staff team using innovative strategies to help meet our vision and mission, To be a place away from the ordinary settings of life, where relationships with Jesus can begin or deepen.

The Key Responsibilities of the ED role are:
• As an integral leader of the team, you’ll report to the Board of Directors and support our camp mission by working closely with all members of the board and team members.
• Drive and model spiritual growth and provide spiritual leadership to the staff team, and at times, in conjunction with the Board of Directors.
• Develop a portfolio of major gift supporters and engage key long-term donors and prospects through relationship building to raise funds for WPC and it’s projects.
• Co-ordinate special events that include fundraising, storytelling and sharing about WPC to current and new supporters.
• Cultivate relationships with present campers, potential campers and community leaders.
• Learn, study, and become an expert on camp work as well as become informed and articulate about cultural issues impacting families and students.
• Develop a strategic vision and roadmap in conjunction with the board for Leadership Development, Spiritual Engagement, Camps, Rentals and all other things pertinent to WPC and that they align with the values of the overall organization.
• Develop an excellent camping experience for families, students & children.
• Be a hands-on people developer who directs, by example and through performance management, a staff team that executes with excellence.
• Define, establish and present trackable metrics of success (and failure) for your team.
• Promote WPC’s vision, mission and culture every where you can. 

Applicants should have:
• A love of God’s Word and belief in its ability to inform and transform every person’s life.
• A growing relationship with Christ modeled by a life of integrity, character and faith.
• An incredible passion for our mission that invigorates and excites everyone with whom you meet.
• Successful leadership administering the budget, staffing and volunteer needs within a non-profit or camping environment.
• Fundraising or sales experience and a proven track record of raising major gift funds are preferred.
• Outstanding communication skills, articulate and persuasive, with well-honed relationship building skills.
• Drive, sophistication and excitement for the opportunity to help shape the future of young leaders and the organization as a whole.
• A team-orientation and strong work ethic, essential for this demanding environment that continually strives for excellence.

Attributes of the Successful Candidate
• Passionate about pursuing Jesus. You have a deep relationship with Christ that is modeled through character and competence. You have strong spiritual disciplines. Your faith is part of your everyday life. You strive to live it out practically, authentically and humbly.
• Passionate about helping others pursue Jesus. You have an understanding of people and how to align them in pursuing wholeness with Jesus.
• You believe in the future of WPC. You take your responsibilities seriously; the success of this role is critical to the growth of Whispering Pines Camp.
• A Relationship Builder. You’re skilled at establishing and cultivating strong relationships with peers, across different levels of the organization, and externally with supporters. You have an innate social intelligence. You can relate to all types of people - from bankers, fashionistas and techies, to janitorial staff and student leaders - and you're a skilled conversationalist.
• A Strategic Thinker. You have the strategic prowess and social intelligence required to help build scalable models that leverage our brand, assets, relationships and opportunities to meet goals.
• Mentor. You enjoy coaching, managing and training team members and have an ability to understand how to maximize their skills and strengths.

Screening Requirements
Successful candidates will be required to pass a criminal record screening and vulnerable sector screening.

Informed Disclosure
Whispering Pines Fellowship Centre and Camp is a member of the Evangelical Missionary Church of
Canada and adhere to it’s faith Statements and positions as outlined on www.emcc.ca. Successful
applicants will be required to sign a faith statement and lifestyle agreement.

Please email applications to wpc.kensullivan@gmail.com