Medical Office/Summer Camp Nurse, Mill Stream Bible Camp, Omemee, ON

Medical Office/Summer Camp Nurse, Mill Stream Bible Camp, Omemee, ON (Posted 05/19/22; Closing 06/15/22)

Position Focus:

In consultation with the Director will:
o Provide safety and quality health care to all campers and staff.
o Promote physical, spiritual, mental and social growth within a safe, challenging and enjoyable atmosphere.
o Provide an on-going, balanced evaluation of overall camper and staff health.


o The Medical Officer is directly responsible to the Director of the camp.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

o Supports without reservations the philosophies, policies and procedures of both BCM International (Canada) Inc. and Mill Stream Bible Camp.
o Must display a sincere love for the Lord and a desire to see campers come to know and grow in Him.
o Should have some camp experience in health care.
o Must have, at a minimum the following current credentials:
1. CPR Basic Rescuer
AND either
2. a) Canadian Red Cross Society’s Standard First Aid Certificate OR
2. b) St. John’s Ambulance Association’s Standard First Aid Certificate OR
a certificate that the Ontario Ministry of Health deems to be equivalent or superior to 1 and 2a or 2b.
o Must manifest strong organizational and interpersonal skills incorporating flexibility, innovation and adaptability.
o Must exhibit servant/leadership qualities within a team environment.
o Must have satisfactorily completed the staff application.
o Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Primary Responsibilities:

o Check campers and staff on arrival to camp.
o Be available to campers 24 hour a day for health care needs.
o Be responsible for all drugs, medicines and first-aid kits brought to camp by campers and staff.
o Administer all medicines and treatments according to physicians’ orders and keep records of all such treatments.
o Maintain accurate infirmary records, treatments and inventory.
Evaluate (written/verbal) camp health condition (continuing basis).
o Be prompt for the daily and weekly staff and prayer meetings.
o Help reinforce a Bible emphasis in camp for campers’ program and staff prayer meetings.
o Assist in pre-camp staff training, when available, to discuss health and safety procedures, precautions and routines with staff.
o Oversee care of the infirmary (including linens).
o Assist counsellors/head counsellors with any camper-related problems/situations as requested by the Director.
o Report all admissions at the infirmary to the Head Counsellors.
o Guide counsellors in regard to their responsibilities by noting and reporting illness, injury, dangerous practices and conditions that may lead to, or contribute to accident or poor health.
o Guide staff in noting and reporting symptoms of disturbance such as failure to eat, restless sleep, nail biting, bed-wetting, marked change in behavior, etc.
o Spot-check living quarters for health, safety and sanitary conditions.
o Willingly participate in other areas of the summer program as the need arises and time permits.

To apply go to our web site at and download the application or apply online.
Contact Larry at with any questions you may have.