Member Care

Member Care is designed to be a spiritual resource providing support, prayer, comfort, encouragement
and feedback where needed. Member Care Providers will reach out to the camps in their area, as well, camp staff can reach out at any time to a Member Care Provider for encouragement and prayer.

Our Member Care Team:

Linda Ellsworth, Member Care



Linda Ellsworth
Member Care Coordinator

Linda has served the Christian camping community with her husband, Doug, for over 55 years in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta with Camp Mini-Yo-We, Camp Norland, One Hope Canada and CCI/Canada.

Cell: 705.358.5436
FB, Messenger, Zoom

Bernie and Bernice Doan, Member Care


Bernie and Bernice Doan
Member Care Providers
Alberta/BC Region

Bernie and Bernice Doan have served for over 35 years at Halkirk Circle Square Ranch in Alberta.

Text or call: 403.884.2343

Louise Leonard, Member Care

Louise Leonard
Member Care Provider
Saskatchewan Region/Ontario South Region

Louise Leonard spent 28 years with One Hope (CSSM) Canada in ON & SK and 12 years with the Evangelical Missionary Church camps in ON.

Cell:  705.440.8374
FB, Messenger

Lyle and Beverley Beswitherick, Member Care

Lyle and Beverley Beswitherick
Member Care Providers
Manitoba/NW Ontario Region

Lyle and Beverley Beswitherick have served for 28 years at Circle Square Ranch, Austin MB.

Lyle Cell: 204.856.6979
Beverley Cell: 204.872.1917

Nico and Sharon Koeslag, Member Care

Nico and Sharon Koeslag
Member Care Providers
Ontario East Region

Nico and Sharon Koeslag served for many years at Teen Ranch, Caledon, ON.

Nico Cell: 705.331.6012
Sharon Cell:  705.722.2139

Doug Ellsworth, Member Care

Doug Ellsworth
Member Care Provider
Ontario Region

Doug has served the Christian camping community with his wife, Linda, for over 55 years in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Cell:  705.499.7531

Christine Long, Member Care

Christine J Long
Member Care Provider
Atlantic Region

Christine J Long served for 25 years with Camp Peniel in Nova Scotia, and served on the CCI/Canada national board for 2 terms.

Cell: 902.740.0380
Cell Phone, Messenger, Zoom