Membership Benefits

We know that camp ministry is unique in its struggles and rewards, and we would love the opportunity to work with you to make it better – for your ministry, and for Christian camping nation-wide. We believe our Association will be better with you in it.

You may be wondering how membership with CCI/Canada will benefit you and your camp. The biggest benefit to your camp will be the inclusion in a dynamic community of other Christian camps in your region and all across Canada.

Through membership, you will:

  • Have the ability to share resources and ideas, which often results in better prices and long-term connections.
  • Give and receive advice on issues in camping ministry. You can do this through CCI/Canada’s social networks, the members-only forum on our website, or by calling in to our National Office. You can ask any question on any topic, from how to arrange for foreign staff to what your camp’s rights are when dealing with social services.
  • Experience learning opportunities through networking, conferences, camp tours, and most importantly by forging relationships with other camps.
  • Find fellowship with others who truly understand the experience of being in camping ministry.

Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

CCI/Canada organizes several events that allow you better develop your ministry and network with others. Camp membership provides special member rates for your whole staff and board. These events include:

  • National Conferences (value $500+/person)
    • At our National Conferences, you will get the chance to network with others, learn about changing trends in camping ministry, and come away with ideas and resources to use at your camp. National Conferences are usually held every second year.
  • Camp Leadership Institute (value $400+/person)
    • The Camp Leadership Institute (CLI) is all about empowering camp staff to be better, more effective leaders. CLI is usually held every second year, alternating with the National Conference.
  • Regional Events (value $150+/person)
    • CCI/Canada's regional committees organize annual regional events and/or conferences for you to attend. These are smaller and more specific to your region's issues and strengths.
  • Camp Tours
    • There are several camp tours each year, all in different areas of the country. These tours allow you to visit other camps, network, and share ideas.
  • Webinars and Other Online Training
    • CCI/Canada periodically offers webinars and other online training opportunities for our members. Check this website for updates on available training options and resources.

Marketing and Promotion

CCI/Canada aims to promote its member camps as much as possible. We do this through creating a significant web presence for your camp, listing your camp on our Camp Finder and directory, and using social media as a powerful marketing tool. Here are some promotional opportunities our members enjoy:

  • Camp Finder
    • A listing in our Camp Finder makes your camp searchable on our website. Your camp will have a full profile and description of activities and facilities, as well as a link to your website. In Australia, on average, each member site receives one booking of $3500 value per year. We anticipate the same would apply in Canada.
  • Web Presence
      • We do whatever we can to get your camp seen and to drive traffic to your website. This is done through our Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and blog. We also run special online projects like our camp video contests, where the winner gets their video posted to all of our online media as well as in our monthly e-newsletter, The Equipper. If your camp has something to say, all you have to do is ask and it’ll be up on our Facebook, Twitter, or blog in no time! A comment received after posting one camp video was, “Man this is a cool camp! I am totally going there next summer.”

Discounts and Buying Power

Membership with CCI/Canada connects you to a wealth of savings opportunities, including discounts at our national and regional events and a valuable connection with our growing group of Business Members. Check with each Business Member to find out about group discounts and special rates for CCI/Canada members. We are always working on increasing our list of Business Members to provide a strong offering of products and services to you. The Business Member page on our website will show an up-to-date listing of current Business members.

Identification with Christian Camps Worldwide

CCI/Canada is part of a much larger worldwide network of Christian camps. As a result, you and your camp will have the opportunity to share ideas and resources with camps across the globe in the following ways:

  • International Tours and Exchanges
    • CCI/Canada organizes tours and exchanges with other CCI countries. Most recently, a large group of camp directors and administrators from Australia and New Zealand came to Canada and toured 26 camps across the country. Next year, CCI/Canada members will get the opportunity to travel down under and connect with camps there. These exchanges provide such valuable opportunities for learning and growth, and are always a positive experience.
  • International Volunteer/Job Opportunities
    • CCI/Canada will assist your camp in finding international volunteer or job opportunities. We will also inform you of international volunteers who wish to serve here in Canada. These experiences help enrich camp ministry and form a greater connection among Christian camps worldwide.

Administrative and Moral Support

CCI/Canada staff and board members are always available to offer your camp advice, support through prayer, and a helping hand whenever we can. Here are some of the specific ways we can offer support:

  • CCI/Canada Office
    • If you ever have a concern or question of any kind, we encourage you to call the office toll-free at 1-877-374-3225. Quite often, through our experience in camp ministry, we’ll know the answer to your question. If we don’t, we will either know where to find it and will keep looking until we do!
  • Member Care
    • Member Care providers are available to provide you with pastoral support. Those who work in Christian camping often feel isolated – especially those working alone or as a couple at a small site.  Need encouragement, support or someone to pray with?  Email our Member Care Coordinator at and we'll connect you.
  • Grant Application Assistance
    • Writing grant proposals can be difficult. We happen to have a wealth of experience writing effective proposals and we would like to offer you our expertise. We can give advice on where to apply and will look over your proposal to make sure it’s as effective as it can be.
  • Social Media
    • Social media is one important way to stay connected with staff and campers. Struggling to figure it all out? We are willing to help you set up Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and link them all together so that you can reach a wider Internet audience.
  • Recognition as Members
    • As a member, you will receive an official Member Certificate and use of the CCI/Canada logos.

Members-Only Resources

In addition to all of the benefits we’ve already discussed, your membership earns you access to some valuable resources:

  • The Equipper (value $100)
    • Members get a monthly subscription to our e-newsletter, The Equipper. This newsletter includes camping news, announcements, classifieds listings, special offers, and important information for your camp.
  • InSite Magazine (value $100 – only available to members)
    • Members also get a subscription to Insite Magazine, a National award winning publication published six times per year by the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCI/Canada’s US counterpart).
  • Members-Only Portal on our Website
    • With your access to our Members-Only Portal, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other camps through a forum, share resources, post classified ads and more.
  • Member-to-member social networking
    • Share stories, struggles, encouragement, and solutions with others who share your vision for Christian camping ministry. Stay connected through CCI/Canada’s Facebook page, website, Twitter, and YouTube.

We hope you’ll consider the significant benefits a membership with CCI/Canada holds. The reward of choosing to be a member is more than just a dollar amount. The fellowship and support that members receive from the CCI/Canada office and from each other is truly invaluable. Membership is WORTH it!

Thank you for considering membership with CCI/Canada. We’re excited to join you in making camping ministry better each year!