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North Summit

North Summit Payments can help you save upwards of $100,000 in credit card fees! 

North Summit Payments was founded by brothers with savings in mind. They understand your business has to compete hard to attract customers. Sometimes at a very steep cost - which is unsustainable for nonprofits and small businesses. Often times big credit card companies can overcharge and do so in a way that leaves you asking more questions than you have answers for. That is where North Summit Payments comes in!

Did you know that 90% of business owners are currently being overcharged on payment processing fees?

North Summit payments help business owners and camps reduce their credit card fees. Anytime you make a payment you pay credit card rates. North Summit Payment will take your processing payment form and run it through an extensive audit. When there are overcharges, you will be informed promptly, and North Summit Payments will help you reduce the costs of the charge.

As a special deal for CCI members, your first audit will be free of charge - if you switch over to North Summit Payments with a credit card statement. If you give them the cost of your fee, they will return to you with a reduced cost. Imagine all you could do with that 'extra' money. How many times have you wondered if the amount on the statement can actually be true? How many times have you wished for an expert who could help you navigate complicated finances? North Summit Payment is here for you!


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