Office Coordinator - Beacon Bible Camp, Torrance, ON

Office Coordinator - Beacon Bible Camp, Torrance, ON (Posted: 6/26/2019; Closing when filled)

Beacon Bible Camp is located in Muskoka, Ontario. Since 1963, we have provided an adventurous Christian camping experience for people of all ages, with the majority of our summer programs focused on youth ages 9-21. Starting in September 2019, we are seeking a year-round office coordinator, who is responsible for all administrative tasks in support of the operation of Beacon Bible Camp. This includes database, communications and document management and tuck shop oversight. This position is usually the first point of contact for campers or their family. 

A short overview of the position can be found below. The full job description can be found at:

General Administration:

  • Welcoming campers, visitors or staff in person, by email or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.
  • Maintaining the camp database, recording and updating campers’ information
  • Organizing, maintaining and filing documents


  • Processing applications from prospective campers for summer, fall and winter sessions
  • Communicating with parents/caregivers of registered campers for summer, fall and winter sessions
  • Sorting and delivering mail or email addressed to campers
  • Ensuring that travel arrangements for campers are compiled and organized (i.e. bus lists), including Safe Arrival procedures


  • Providing camper information (lists) to the session directors for summer, fall and winter sessions
  • Providing campers’ transportation information to the session directors for summer, fall and winter sessions (i.e. bus lists and Safe Arrival plans)
  • Recruiting, selecting, training and supervising office helper (for the summer months, if necessary)
  • Assisting the Program Director in their task of maintaining accurate and complete staff documentation, as required.

Tuck Shop:

  • Managing stock, determining inventory level, placing orders and authorizing clearance sales
  • Managing the online tuck shop, including processing orders and shipping in a timely fashion

Other duties may include:

  • On a rotating schedule with other full-time staff, welcoming rental groups and making sure they are settled at camp
  • Assisting with camp cleaning as required during the off-season
  • Assist in general housekeeping tasks (specifically on change-over days)

Candidate Selection Process and Evaluation

  • The interested parties should contact the Executive Director.
  • A copy of the position description will be sent to and discussed with the interested party.
  • The procedure for the selection process will be communicated to the candidate who will share how interested they are in this role. The candidate will be encouraged to truly seek God’s will for this step of faith.
  • The Executive Director, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, will conduct a face-to-face interview with the candidate(s).
  • The candidate(s) may be required to take a personality assessment.
  • The candidate(s) will be interviewed by some of the Board members.
  • The Board of Trustees will consider the results of steps 4-6 of this process. The role of Office Coordinator will be offered to the candidate deemed best suited for this position.
  • Upon the approval of the Board of Trustees the candidate will be offered the position of Office Coordinator with the 1st year in this position being probationary.

For more information, or to apply, contact