Outdoor Education & Hosting Coordinator - Camp Arnes, Arnes, MB

Outdoor Education & Hosting Coordinator - Camp Arnes, Arnes, MB (Posted: 11/17/2019; Closing: 2/5/2020)

The ideal candidate will be responsible for the development, implementation, and leadership of the Outdoor Education program. This includes the areas of staff, equipment, facilities, as well as the hosting team for schools and guest groups that come to camp. Candidates must have proven knowledge and or experience in outdoors and outdoor-related education, ability to teach and instruct, have strong interpersonal and communication skills, a committed relationship with Jesus Christ, passion for youth and outdoor activities, desire to share the gospel. Duties will include.

This position is onsite position in Arnes, Manitoba. Position offers availability of housing and Benefits.

Camp Arnes is a Christian non-profit mission. Our staff are called to have and share a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

*Please provide cover letter - Only resumes with cover letters will be reviewed.


• Formulate and implement specific Outdoor Education objectives and goals:
• Identify and implement best practice and industry standards.
• Identify and manage risks associated with the Outdoor Education Program and activities.
• Identify what level of ability new Outdoor Education Staff arrive at and assist them in growth and development.
• Ensure that guests and activity participants experience growth in their time at Camp Arnes.
• Establish areas for champions in program areas and create opportunities for further training and development among staff.
• 2. Staff Training and Management:
• Develop and manage a training program for staff in the Outdoor Education Program and participants in the Forge Program.
• Faith formation in staff, both summer and year-round.
• Create a fluid-structure for the development of future Outdoor Education Staff.
• Conduct mid-season evaluations of staff performance and progress.
• Plan and manage daily and monthly schedules for staff.
• Ensure that all staff and volunteers receive a detailed safety briefing before they are allowed to begin work.
• Equipment and Facility Management:
• Utilize current, or develop new, inventory check sheets for all activity areas as well as regular inspection forms for equipment.
• Maintain records of use for high ropes course, climbing wall and zipline.
• Keep track of wear and needs in activity areas and report and plan a budget in activity areas for future seasons.
• Identify risks in activities and train staff accordingly. Follow Manitoba Camping Association guidelines in all activities.
• Be responsible for oversight of accommodation used by guests. Make sure accommodations are being cleaned and taken care of by staff and coordinate with Housekeep
• Utilize equipment cleaning check sheets with staff.
Our mission is to lead young people to a growing meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our values are Fun, relationships and excellence.


1. Have a mature, personal commitment to Jesus Christ, as evident in your daily life.
2. A valid child abuse registry check and criminal record check.
3. Ability to interact with guests, volunteers and staff in a consistently pleasant manner and be able and willing to share the Gospel when an opportunity arises.
4. Agreement/support of Camp Arnes Mission Statement, Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith.
5. Must exhibit a genuine love for kids and guests with a willingness to serve their interests before their own through a model of Christian service.
6. Flexible with work hours as required to fulfill duties.
7. Model Christian character.
8. Ability to train and manage volunteers in your department.
9. Creative, dynamic and engaging.
10. Resourceful in presenting ideas.
11. Camp experience of at least two years is an asset.
12. Have excellent organizational skills.
13. Detail-oriented.
14. Average to above-average written and oral communication skills relating to fellow staff, board, donors, vendors and customers.
15. Able to evaluate, measure, assess and make changes accordingly within the program as needed.
16. Strong interpersonal skills and abilities.
17. Be able to manage, train, direct and lead staff in various aspects of Programs.
18. Ability to organize and implement safety policies and procedures at activities and be attentive to detail and risk management in all activity areas.
19. Ability to plan and organize staff and schedules including hosts and lifeguards.
20. Teaching and instruction experience.
21. Experience with and passion for working with children and youth.
22. Openness to mentorship and growth.

For more information or to apply, please contact cbrouwer@camparnes.com