Planet Hope Christian Enterprising

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Planet Hope is a Christian creative and communications company that delivers amazing services to those in need - starting at $0!

Planet Hope Christian Enterprising was founded on the principle that all people should be able to have access to first-rate services despite any financial barriers. Regardless of a camp's, company's or person's ability to pay, they allow the client to determine what they can afford. Then, Planet Hope matches the rest with subsidies from their donations and available staff time.

Unlike other companies specializing in marketing, graphic design, communications and creative services, Planet Hope was founded with the focus of the person instead of the product. With their vision came the idea to partner with the community to leverage volunteers, crowdfunding, grants, and clients willing to "pay it forward". This allows them to deliver incredible services to those with a tight budget or those who would not be able to afford it otherwise. 

Most communications companies must charge high prices so they can maximize profits - however, Planet Hope decided to create a model that would empower them to meet their financial needs while helping others to do the same.

The company is primarily volunteer-run, but this does not affect the quality of their work. Planet Hope's team is filled with creative individuals who love helping people. Not only do they have a passion for it, but they are highly qualified and detail-oriented to provide you with fantastic service.

In the efforts of being as accessible as possible, Planet Hope is completely remote so they can fulfill requests from all across the country and the globe. No matter where you are, they want to provide YOU with the best of the best. Having no headquarters not only saves money to serve those who need it, it also enables Planet Hope to efficiently deliver real-time results. 

You may be wondering about specific things that Planet Hope can do for you. Do you need help designing brochures for your camp? Planet Hope can help! Perhaps you need business cards - Planet Hope can help with that! As a special reminder to your campers about their time at camp, you may want to send them home with a calendar stocked with pictures of your camp and special days your camp makes! Planet Hope can help you do that. Personalized notebooks, camp merch, tuck shop trinkets to sell - you provide the physical products and they will help you make it yours but incorporating your camp logo. What better way to remind campers of their incredible memories than to send a personalized birthday card from your camp to them on their special day? Planet Hope would be happy to assist you there as well!

Planet Hope also has services to help with promotional videos, writing, event planning, and social media. Maybe your camp wants to start a blog but you are not sure where to begin. You may need help organizing your thoughts about a camper reunion. Perhaps your camp wants to venture out into the sometimes intimidating world of social media. What about a beautiful video on your camp's website to greet anyone visiting? Planet Hope will match you with a specialist who will be happy to help you navigate the world of creative communications.


Want to know more? 

Visit their website: https://Planet 

Have any questions? Want to ask about a service?

Call or text 403-877-5742 or email lisa@Planet to talk to Lisa Brock - Founder of Planet Hope and get started on your camp's creative revolution. 


Advertising space is also available on their website to any camp or center interested in getting their name out there.