Program Coordinator, Mill Stream Bible Camp, Omemee, ON

Program Coordinator, Mill Stream Bible Camp, Omemee, ON (Posted 05/19/22; Closing 06/15/22)

(Summer Camp)

Position Focus:

In consultation with the Director will:
o Provide a balanced program of activities that promotes physical, spiritual, mental and social growth within a safe, challenging and enjoyable atmosphere.
o Plan and execute a balanced pre-camp staff-training program that will include all camp staff.
o Provide for the ongoing spiritual development of all camp staff.
o Provide an on-going, balanced evaluation of camp programs and staff.
o Provide for spiritual follow-up of campers.


o The Program Coordinator is directly responsible to the Director of the camp.

Requisite Skills and Qualifications:

o Supports without reservations the philosophies, policies and procedures of both BCM International (Canada) Inc. and Mill Stream Bible Camp.
o Must display a sincere love for the Lord and a desire to see campers come to know and grow in Him.
o Must have significant camp experience in leadership and training.
o Must be able to develop, plan, train, direct, support and evaluate camp programs and staff consistent with the philosophy of BCM International (Canada) Inc.
o Must manifest strong organizational and interpersonal skills incorporating flexibility, innovation and adaptability.
o Must exhibit servant/leadership qualities within a team environment.
o Must have ability to motivate others positively to perform their tasks.
o Possesses a gift mix and personality type that complements rather than duplicates those of the Director.
o Must have satisfactorily completed the staff application.
o Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Primary Responsibilities:

o Assist in planning/developing camp program.
o Assist in planning/developing pre-camp staff training.
o Evaluate (written/verbal) program (continuing basis).
o Supervise camp skills program.
o Coordinate necessary program activities with kitchen and maintenance staff.
o Provide direction and supervision for all program staff.
o Evaluate (written/verbal) program staff (continuing basis).
o Be prompt for the daily and weekly staff and prayer meetings.
o Handle discipline situations for campers and program staff as requested by the Director.
o Make recommendations for selection of return staff.
o Execute weekly camp program and daily camp schedule.
o Develop leadership skills among all staff within weekly camp program.
o Create a Bible emphasis in camp for campers’ program and staff prayer meetings.
o Upgrade camp skills activities (i.e. archery, canoeing) via equipment and instructors/training.
o Execute pre-camp staff training.
o Obtain evaluations from summer staff within their area of responsibility.
o Coordinate and plan staff meetings and “get together” socials.
o Train and upgrade program staff.
o Assist cabin leaders/head counsellors with any camper-related problems/situations as requested by the Director.
o Be willing to assist in other areas of the camp as required.

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