S. Sutton & Associates Inc.

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Change management, the bedrock during the best of times, but also tumultuous times,
requires fresh ideas and perspective, carefully considered execution, and optimized opportunities.

Sutton & Associates Inc. serves as a partner to our non-profit clients to build their organizational and philanthropic capacity. Our services deliver strategic, rigorous, analytic, and evidence-based approaches to provide guidance to any philanthropic enterprise in its entirety, from strengthening organizational governance, to implementing innovative fundraising solutions, to change management strategies.

With a team of more than 100 consultants whose specializations cover every aspect of institutional advancement, the firm draws upon the expertise of its network to meet your specific needs. Our highly flexible proprietary model allows us to apply the time and talent of our assembled technical experts, to the specific area of need, for only as much time as required. Our teams thus outperform high-level generalists by providing deep subject expertise, which would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, while also assuring the clients only pay for what they need and are not charged for unwarranted services and expertise beyond the scope of their requirements.

Our Complimentary Consultation enables you to speak with one of our subject matter experts who will provide invaluable, actionable advice, and if you like, explore more fully how we can assist you and your organization going forward.

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