Summer Jobs Open, Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON

Summer Jobs Open, Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON (Posted 02/23/22; Closing when filled)

Muskoka Woods is a Christian youth development organization that welcomes everyone to an experience for a lifetime. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Rosseau, we specialize in summer camp, school trips, group retreats and leadership development for all ages. We exist to inspire youth to shape their world.

Summer positions at Muskoka Woods vary from counsellors for all age groups, a wide variety of arts and athletics instructors, hospitality positions, and important roles on our support team like business analysts and staff coaches!

Muskoka Woods has a core value of Intentional Growth. As a staff member at Muskoka Woods, you will receive intentional job and life skills training and development. Working at Muskoka Woods is a great place to be while you’re trying to figure out what you want to do next in your life or perhaps get some experience in an area you’re interested in. Our Christian community includes a one-to-one mentor who is there to check in on your personal experience. And best of all, you get to have fun!

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