The History of CCI Canada

A brief history of CCI/Canada

1963  Vince Craven and Mel Stevens came back from a Christian camping conference in the USA and officially began CCI/Canada. This was part of the fledgling movement that is now worldwide.

1963 - 1978 The Canadian movement was based out of the Inter Varsity office in Toronto but was developing right across the country. This office coordinated the Banff International Convention in 1977.

Our involvement in the International movement began after the Banff Convention with six countries being recognized as official divisions.

1995 Quebec was accepted as an official region. There are now 7 regions.


2015 CCI/Canada continues to provide training and networking. Regional teams are set up, reporting to the National Director and focusing on the needs within each region. National Conferences are held every even year and Leadership Summits are held in the odd years.

2016 and 2018 National Conference held in Banff, AB. National Awards were given. The Lifetime Achievement Award, the Peter Bloom Ambassador Award (recognition for National accomplishment) and the Mel Stevens Award of Excellence (recognition for regional accomplishment).