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The Magnes Group provides you with insurance, advice, and more at an affordable price!

To some people, insurance is a commodity, not something they really care much about. It’s a common misunderstanding. After all, some Insurance brokers will have you believe all insurance is the same. They’ll sell you insurance “just like” everybody else, only cheaper.

In the insurance industry, the pursuit of being the cheapest changes everything; the people you hire, the quality of the product you sell, and the service you offer. When price matters most, customers and their well-being become secondary.

At the Magnes Group, they do things differently. With effort and care, they deliver the very best personalized insurance coverage and risk management advice. They serve businesses and individuals who appreciate quality, precision, and value in a way that many other insurance brokerages can’t or won’t.

As an independent insurance broker, they pride ourselves on providing straightforward, uncomplicated, and honest advice. They treat others as they would like to be treated themselves. Not to increase market share but because it’s the right thing to do.


The Magnes Group understands

Director, RJ Farnworth, received the lifetime achievement award on behalf of the Magnes Group November 2020 at our National Conference. RJ was brought up in camp. If any insurance understands the risks and coverage needed for camps - it is Magnes.

Legal Assist

How do I protect my camp from lawsuits? What waivers do I need for water activities? Can I trademark my camp name? These questions may be going through your mind with countless others. Camp stretches over multiple different domains of business. Part of running a successful camp is understanding the legal grounds your camp needs to cover for the safety of your staff and children. 

The Magnes Group offers a free legal advice to insured members. If you want to know how to put together a waiver, handle employment issues, or deal with a lawsuit - they can help. It costs thousands of dollars to keep a lawyer on retainer - but with the Magnes Group they are accessible and ready to answer your questions.

Trauma Assist

No one wants to talk about the unthinkable - with the Magnes Group they have planned for it. In the instance of a traumatic loss (such as the death of a camper, staff, a large fire, etc,.), you can contact the Trauma Assist team at the Magnes Group and depending on the gravity of the situation, they will send out a professional team on site within 24 hours. 

Trauma Assist sends certified counsellors to handle the fall-out from the traumatic event. Within hours a professional team will coordinate with parents, campers, staff, and any other involved parties. They provide counselling through grief and will help your camp navigate such an awful event.

As painful and horrifying as it may be to imagine, you can rest assured with the Magnes Group that they can help you navigate through even the worst accident.


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