Why choose a Christian camp?

Our member camps are all Christian camps, which means they intend to share the love of God to their campers while offering an activity-packed week of fun. But we know that camp is about more than just having fun – camp changes lives! We believe that the values our camp staff can instill in the campers can only serve to positively influence their young lives. While at a Christian camp, kids can learn that they have a purpose in life and that they were created for a reason. This sense of purpose will help them grow towards a bright and positive future.

While your child is exploring new activities at camp, he or she will also have the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. A Christian camp can teach your children that they are truly valuable – a precious creation by a loving God. They will learn the importance of loving their neighbours and treating others the way they want to be treated. They will be not only engage in nature, but also with He who created it!

Christian camp staff view their jobs as an important ministry. They are called by God to show love and kindness to their campers, to provide a good example and be a positive role model. Their sole purpose at camp is to make sure your child has fun, stays safe, and experiences the love of God. Every child is welcome and equally valued, just as God equally values all of His children. This nurturing, inclusive environment is unparalleled, and it’s why Christian camps exist!

We at CCI/Canada would like to thank you for considering sending your child to one of our incredible member camps. Please feel free to read more on what to expect when sending your kids to summer camp, and check out our great list of camps to choose from!