Work Crew Boss - Stoney Lake Bible Camp, Melfort, SK

Work Crew Boss - Stoney Lake Bible Camp, Melfort, SK (Posted: 11/26/2019; Closing when filled)

Description and Purpose of Work Crew
Stoney’s Work Crew (hereafter referred to as SWC) is about work! The name sets up clear expectations: this is a group dedicated to working. Discipleship, fun, and leadership training must all be part of the experience, but we shouldn’t pull any punches: we need a group of teenagers that are prepared to work. SWC should teach servanthood, help prepare young people to become leaders, and instill a sense of pride and ownership in our camp. This program is for the teenagers who want more from their camping experience, and who want to be challenged with opportunities to grow.

SWC should be viewed as being a ‘camp within a camp’. SWC campers are not staff; SWC is a stepping-stone towards becoming staff. As such, SWC campers do not enjoy all of the privileges a staff member does, although they do have a little more freedom than younger campers.

We offer full time spring and summer work a competitive wages. We are located south of Melfort Saskatchewan.